Vibrant Vintage CAL

VVCAL Border – Part 2

Happy #VVCAL Day everyone! This week we will be working the V-Stitch portion of our border.

Once the border is all done (in August!) I’ll put it all nicely charted and photographed with written instructions into a PDF to add in with the Ravelry ebook. And I’ll also add in the joining options in PDF format in the ebook at that time. Looking forward to completing this project for future crafters to enjoy forever! 🙂

For now, the border instruction will be in written format only, because sadly I don’t have time to do charts and step by step photos of it at the moment. I know that’s despicable – I promise I will get to it after an upcoming deadline passes!! When I do the chart and photos, it will all be in one place in PDF format for the ebook.

Without further ado: Part 2 of the VVCAL Border — the V-Stitch portion — 4 rounds


This content has been moved to the final Vibrant Vintage Border post so that the entire pattern would be in one place for your convenience. Thank you!


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  1. Will continue my border this evening. So glad you have given close up with the various colours….convinces me that I will do mine with combination of colours too!

    • That’s great! I was sold for about a half a second on the all cream border until I searched through my photos for the color border.. It’s prettier to me too! 👌🏻

  2. Loving doing this. I would have found it helpful to be told at the end of tge foundation rows that it needs to have an odd number of 2ch spaces. For some reason i haven’t, and I’ve had to fudge the first round of V stitches slightly ( though I’m sure I’m the only one who will notice!)

    • Ah shoot! I thought all would be perfect with the 4sc + 1 repeat on the first foundation round. I thought that would set you right for the chain-2 spaces no matter what. Darn, I’m sorry!! I’ll see if I can figure out how to fix it so it always works.

      • Thanks. It’s probably me – one side was fine but the other 3 weren’t yet I was sure I’d done the same number. I now have 55 sets of V stitch on 3 sides and 56 on the 4th – will this be a problem?

        On row 4, should there be a chain 1 in between the 2DC clusters? It seems a little tight – will it go looser on the next round?

      • Ah I see – no shouldn’t be a problem with the extra v-stitch on one side nobody will notice 🙂

        As for the round 4 – on the next round we will be working chain 2 loops again, with SCs in the chain-1 spaces and in between 2DC clusters. So the chain-2 loops may open it up for you! I don’t have a space on mine. 👍🏻
        – Rachele

  3. Hi there Just wondering if part 3 has been posted? Hope all is well with you. Jo x ________________________________________

  4. I wish this I could find this in a video I have a terrible time trying to do written patterns any suggestions would be more than helpful