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Continuous Join As You Go: Master Post

I love this join so much that it I decided to dedicate a complete post to it.

Where can I learn it?

Find the YouTube tutorial here (by Crochet Cabana). It would be easiest to get some granny squares that you need to join and actually follow along with the video. When I learned it I had to pause and rewind a bunch!

See a flat braid version here (by my YouTube crochet idol – Bethintx1).


I made 2 tutorials so far whilst using the join on 2 projects.

See the original tutorial here (pink Sunburst Granny).

See my second *most popular!* tutorial here (green cushion cover).

See my Partial CJAYG for Squares HERE

See the Hexagon version of the Partial CJAYG HERE


Why should I love it?

CJAYG is a no-sew join with a ton of integrity. Without all the fastening off and re-joining of the yarn, you have a neat, durable, and professional join.

I have increased my speed with this join because it’s more of an over-all completion process versus a one-at-a-time process. Plus, I’m not wasting time searching for my scissors after every joined motif…

When can I use it?

If my final joining color is on only the last round and all of my squares are the same size, I can use this join. For example, my Gelato Blanket would not work, nor would my Geometric Lace blanket.

Also, my Gumball Blanket would not work, because the joining color is used on the final two rounds. In fact, I am reworking my Gumball Blanket so that I can use the continuous join on custom orders from now on to increase durability.

I think I could re-work just about any join into a continuous join, and I would be thrilled to do it!

Now, go learn it! You’ll be happy you did!

PS – I now have a complete CJAYG Hexagon version HERE 🙂



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