Scheepjes YARN, Issue 5: WOMAN – Lotus Leaf Blanket

Looking for something new to crochet? Scheepjes Yarns has released their latest issue of YARN bookazine, and it is so lush.

Find this issue here at > WoolWarehouse < for speedy delivery.

The theme for this issue is “WOMAN” and as a beautiful celebration of the pride and love that goes into being a woman. An expression of pride is present in every photograph.

Take a look at the beautiful cover:


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Selected Highlights

I chose a couple contributions to this issue to share with you all.

Chill-out Blanket

First I picked the “Chill-out Blanket”, by Maria McPherson of 50 Shades of 4-Ply. See this piece on Ravelry. It is made with River Washed*, and I really like it because, well I have an obsession with blankets (you may know), and also the coziness appeals to me greatly. Sometimes you just want a back-and-forth blanket amidst all the current crochet trends.


Amethyst Dress

The “Amethyst Dress” is the other project I wanted to highlight. I have always had some serious respect for designers who create garments, as I find it a great challenge to get the sizing and drape just right. Tatsiana Kupryianchyk of Lilla Bjorn Crochet really nailed it in her elegant and empowering design using Whirl* yarn. Read more about her contribution from her website or see it on Ravelry.


Lotus Leaf Blanket

Maybe you’d like to read about my contribution to the issue? It is the Lotus Leaf Blanket, made with Cahlista *Β  yarn. See more on Ravelry, and hit that Favorite button! πŸ™‚ I designed this piece to push my boundaries and experiment with carrying motifs and stitches in the same blanket. The color palette speaks to me as blues and greens are so relaxing, peaceful, and re-energizing. I have been on a real energy, meditation, zen kick lately (see my free Relaxghans Series for further proof), and expressing this through crochet has been the best thing for my mental health.


Thanks to the talented Iris Dongo of Southern Belle Crochet for testing this blanket for me. I couldn’t have done it without her input!

Find Lotus Leaf Blanket on Ravelry, and shop Cahlista Yarn at my affiliate stores: WoolWarehouse, Knotty House, Black Sheep Wools, or at other Scheepjes retailers.


I thought in addition to revealing a few of the beautifully styled shots that can be seen in the YARN bookazine, I would show a couple photos from my living room. πŸ™‚

Here is Lotus Leaf lounging on her blocking board. I use a set of 4 large foam mats which interlock to form a 4x4ft square. This creates the perfect surface to pin and re-pin projects. Cahlista blocks out like a dream, and blocking changes the drape dramatically. It makes the piece light and airy. If you are wary of blocking, I’d say you don’t have to do it with every project, but it does make a great difference. I also use an industrial fan that I got at Lowe’s. It just blows on the pinned blanket for about an hour, and it’s dry. Ta-da!


The final piece. I was almost sad to wrap her up and send her on her journey to the Netherlands, but what a great sense of pride I get seeing my designs printed among those of the talented designers that contribute to YARN bookazine.

Thanks for your support, everyone! I would still be wandering around aimlessly with a hook in my hand if it weren’t for you crafters always cheering me on and pushing me to do more. – Rachele C.


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  1. Absolutely stunning! This piece really speaks to me, I can almost feel the “coolness” of the blues and greens. It is now in my own list to do next. Thanks, love your enthusiastic work. And blog.

    • Aw thank you! I’m so pleased that you enjoy it – happy crafting to you! ❀️

  2. Your blanket is gorgeous I can see a pond with the lovely flowers. Totally inspired – well done.

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