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African Flower Half-Hexagon

*I wrote this pattern in 2013, but I’ve reproduced it here to further organize my free pattern library – Thank you!*

African Flower Half-Hexagon Pattern

Hi, Y’all! Let’s talk hexie blankets. I love a good hex blanket, but I have so much trouble with the edges because in my mind a blanket must have a straight edge. Of course your mileage may vary and you may love the fun-shaped border, but I just HAVE to fill in the gaps to square off.

Someone asked me for advice on a hexie blanket border (Instagram user @theoriginaldumblonde) and I thought I’d do a quick tutorial for a half-hex. I’ve never done an African Flower (although I’ve seen it a zillion times and it’s gorgeous!) so I Googled it and saw the Ravelry pattern from Heidi’s Bears. I used this pattern to make my half-hex design. Then I went ahead and searched for “Half African Flower Motif” and I did find some hits. BUT My method is different.

Here we go!

Slip knot, chain 4, join with a slip stitch to make a ring. (OR do what I do and Magic Loop it!)

Row 1 (all in ring): SC, chain 2, (2DC, chain 1) 3 times, DC. Cut yarn and finish off.



Row 2: Attach new color with a slip stitch in the first chain 1 space. (SC, chain 2, 2DC) all in same space, (2DC, chain 1, 2DC) in next 2 chain 1 spaces, (2DC, chain 1, DC) in final chain 1 space. Do not cut yarn.



Row 3: SC in top of first DC, 3DC in first chain 1 space. 7DC in next 2 chain 1 spaces. 3DC in final chain 1 space and DC in top of final stitch (this will be the chain right above your beginning SC). Cut yarn and finish off.

(NOTE: In the photo below, when I flipped my work and made my initial SC, I did NOT make it in the top of the first DC as I describe in the pattern. I went directly into the chain 1 space. This was a mistake on my part… you should definitely go into the DC for this first stitch.)


Do not flip work; rather, slide back to the beginning of this row.

Row 4: Attach new color with a slip stitch into the chain directly above the initial SC. SC in same chain and in 3 DC, Make the long DC reaching down into row 2 just like in the original pattern. (Work SC in 7 DC, and the long DC) 2 times, and work SC in the last 4 DC. Cut yarn and finish off.


Slide piece over to the beginning again.

Row 5: Attach new color with a slip stitch in the first SC. (SC, chain 2, DC) all in that same stitch. (DC in 7 DC, *DC, chain 1, DC* in next stitch) 3 times. Cut yarn and finish off.

(NOTE: In the photo below, I was apparently half-asleep for this half-hex because I made a mistake by working 2DC into the 7th DC of the first side worked. What a shame! I recommend having your morning coffee *before* making this motif 🙂 )


So what now?

Some folks make another round on their motif. If you do this, just attach yarn in the first chain space and work (DC, chain 1, DC) in all chain spaces around – from there it should be self explanatory.

Join these in your gaps at the edge of your blanket. You will still have 2 sides that have a zig-zag shape to them. What I do to fill this in is use different height stitches (SC, HDC, DC, TR, DTR, etc…) to fill in this gap when I go around the blanket for the border.

Happy hooking, y’all! 🙂


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  1. Hi there,

    A big thankyou for your pattern. I tried out several other peoples and was about to give up as I wasn’t happy with the results. Yours is by far the best and gives the neatest finish once I’d got my head around the difference in UK stitches (we call SC a DC and a DC a treble. Problem solved and on my way to a very pleasing finish.

    Ann W. x

    • Oh that’s great to hear! I had the same problem as you – I felt like the other patterns I found were missing those beginning and ending stitches that really make the half-hex sit well in the gap. I appreciate the kind word! 🙂 Happy crafting to you! – Rachele C.