Simply Crochet: Coastal Garden Shawl

Note: this pattern is now a Ravelry download, just $4!

You guys!!! I have a super fun pattern published in the most recent (July 2017) issue of Simply Crochet MagazineScheepjes teamed up with the popular crochet magazine to create a Shawl Special, an insert with five beautiful shawl patterns by some of the talented Scheepjes bloggers. It is a total honor to be included with such talented ladies as Esther of Happy in Red, Carmen of Crafty Queens, Nerissa of Miss Neriss, and Esther of It’s All in a Nutshell.

(Buy this issue here to see the shawl special and more!!)

So here it is! My Coastal Garden shawl all laid out. It’s like a mix of a rectangle and a vortex shape.

A couple of close-ups coming up. This was actually my first shawl ever (I had to convince myself it’s really just a small blanket lol!) and the first time I blocked anything also. Blocking was actually really fun! My husband bought me that foam puzzle piece flooring – 4 large squares that piece together – and a couple packs of pins. I was short on time, so I sprayed it with water and then set our industrial strength fan in front of it… Amazingly, it worked like a charm!

I blocked the motif portion first, then added the stripes. This yarn is Alpaca Rhythm. You can find it at Wool Warehouse* and other Scheepjes retailers.

And find the pattern – along with 4 more gorgeous patterns and a free shawl pin (!) in this month’s issue of Simply Crochet Magazine. 


I also wanted to share a bit about the motif I used for this piece and the inspiration behind the design and color palette.

The aqua and purple are inspired by the Dendrobium Orchid.

Take one look at these breathtaking flowers, and you’ll see why I instantly fell in love with them and had to use the colors in my shawl.

Why the stripes though? My thought process for the flower motifs and stripes stems from the 2012-13ish fashion trends.

I never could let this trend go, and every time I see these two together I think of a new blanket idea. You think that’s crazy? You should see my wardrobe 😜❤️❤️

Pick up your issue of the magazine, or if you’re a subscriber I hope you enjoy the Coastal Garden pattern! It was fun to write, and a blast to create. Enjoy!

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