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Trellis & Chevron Blanket

Etsy || Craftsy || Ravelry Why buy?? -No sew! All join as you go instruction included! -Unique and solid construction – get creative with this beauty and make any design! You can use this pattern as a springboard to create the blanket to your liking! Here are some great pattern features: 1) 20-page description/tutorial-style pattern to help you make this blanket 2) Many photos detailing the crochet process 3) A personal reading experience; not a cold, industrial pattern style 4) 24-hr/day support for your blanket creation process – I am always available and happy to chat! 5) Lifetime pattern updates. If I make any future improvements to the pattern, I’ll email you the freshest copy automatically! I enjoyed making this pattern a great deal, and I am so pleased to pass it on to you.  

PLT Join – SC, Continuous JAYG

 Hello, all! This is the join we will be using in the VVCAL – main post – but you can definitely browse my Free Joining Methods and pick one you love! The edging is written for any size blanket, so feel free to mix and match pattern elements.  If you’ve never worked a Continuous Join as you go, you should note it is different from a regular Join as you go because you do not cut yarn and finish off until all of your squares are joined together. Think of drawing a line around the squares in a certain way, without picking up your pencil. The path that you will take around the squares can be the most confusing part! I’ll try to include as many photos as I can in order to be clear.  When I was learning, I found it took a long time for it to “click”, but once it did, I had a major “Aha!” moment, and I was in love. Okay, let’s start. You’ll need your squares, arranged in columns. …

Hexagon Continuous JAYG

Hexagon CJAYG PART ONE: Which hexagon pattern can I use for this join? I am using the Tillie Tulip Blog Daisy in this tutorial, but you can choose any pattern you’d like! There are many circle-to-hexagon patterns, as well as plain hexies. You’ll want to keep in mind that with this method, you have to imagine that the “final round” of each hexagon will be the same color. I recommend that you learn the basics of the CJAYG for squares. To clarify, here are some patterns that can be worked with this method. And here are some equally beautiful patterns for which this method cannot be used. The Tillie Tulip Daisy pattern is originally a granny square, and I have used it a couple of times before. What a beautiful square it is! But this time, I have fashioned it into a small hexagon. If you’d like to follow along, go ahead and make up some daisies! I’ll wait 🙂 Hint for making flowers with a center like this one: If you’d like all of …