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Autumn Blues Blanket

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If you’ve followed me for any period of time, you know about my obsession with a certain six-sided shape… In fact I’m having a deja vu moment feeling like I’ve started a blog post with that exact phrase in the past. Probably. I am madly in love with hexagons, and that’s why September is Hexagon Month!

One of the patterns I’m releasing is called Autumn Blues! When I made my YouTube tutorial “Continuous Flat Braid JAYG for Hexagons” I had a ton of feedback asking for the actual hexagon pattern (which was so heart-warming btw). Well this is it! And that join linked is the one I used for this blanket! So you have a bonus video tutorial for the join 🙂

This project has a perfect mix of Peachy to Tangerine-y hues of orange, paired with some soft and lovely shades of denim. And all that juicy autumnal richness is joined with a flat braid in a bold navy.

WHITE TEETH – Read it. It’ll change you for the better.

In the pattern, you’ll find:

  • a full hexagon
  • a half hexagon
  • the joining method (condensed version)
  • the border – with optional but highly recommended beads
  • woohoo!

I’m proud of this piece, because its simplicity is charming. The colors are allowed to sing over the repeating motifs. You can wrap this piece over your shoulders and be as comfortable as you are in your worn-out, too-loose blue jeans.

Tonal color play is so freeing and extremely effective. Good news: It’s also easy, peasy! Once you have motifs in all of your color shades, you can lay them out like if it were the rippling water of a swimming pool. You’re going to fade into lights and darks, with some highlights randomly throughout.  Luckily with Scheepjes | Cotton 8* there are a ton of colors to choose from. There’s no need to evenly distribute the colors, and I have a bone to pick with perfectly even color distribution anyway. But that’s for another blog post – lol.

To get back to the point haha, Autumn Blues is available now! Pick one up wherever you’re most comfortable shopping.

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