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Continuous JAYG for Triangles, using PLT with SC

Welcome to my newest Joinjng Method Tutorial “CJAYG for Triangles (SC with PLT)”. There are so few good patterns for triangles out there, I am determined to get out of my hexagon obsession for a while to show some love to the 3 sided shape.

Often, the sides of triangle motifs bow out, making them difficult to join together without causing puckering and warping. This join can be adjusted for triangles whose points are very pointy (hardly any bow on the sides) or very rounded (heavily bowed sides). You would simply adjust the length of the chain loop in the corners. For extreme cases, more modification may be required, but this is a great springboard.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The video is in 3 parts, portion 1 demonstrates parts 1-3 shown in the graphic below, portion 2 demonstrates parts 4 and the repeat of parts 2 and 3 as shown below in the diagram. The third video shows the third row of triangles added on and at that point more rows of triangles could be added by repeating the instructions, but the video shows you how to end the blanket and complete the join.

The CJAYG method for triangles is best learned through video, so you can really see what’s going on in real time, but I’m happy to clarify anything in the comments section or via email (scroll down to footer).

I used Scheepjes | Cotton 8 for this pattern. Find Cotton 8 at WoolWarehouse (aff), and more Scheepjes Retailers –  ❤️ The triangle motif shown in the tutorial is coming soon, in a special collection of patterns I am releasing in the Fall called ShadeTree. Exciting!

Hope you enjoy the first parts! Looking forward to a couple more quiet hours in a row to shoot and edit footage for part 3 ❤️

Happy crafting!

– Rachele C.