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A Wildflower grows…

I am so excited to share this pattern update with you all! My popular Wildflower Blanket is getting a makeover! I promised myself that in 2017 I would begin updating all of my patterns, starting first with the most popular ones from my Ravelry Store. So now I present Wildflower! It's a work in progress… Continue reading A Wildflower grows…


Square and Triangle Geometric Art

Above is a paint palette, but wouldn't it look perfect as a blanket? Incidentally, "wouldn't that look perfect as a blanket?" are the famous last words for me... After I say that, I spiral down toward a crazy world of wild motif design and unusual yarn color selection. This next painting is begging to be made into… Continue reading Square and Triangle Geometric Art


Circle-to-Square Art

I work with mostly geometric shapes in my crochet pieces, and I love to pull inspiration resources from all types of art styles. These paintings are simply begging to be made into Gumball or Textured Circles blankets! The painting below is something that I absolutely will be making into a blanket at some point in my… Continue reading Circle-to-Square Art