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Cahlista in “Mermaid”

Okay y’all, if you’re ready to see the results of my newest color palette playtime, then feast your eyes on “Mermaid” and keep reading to see my eensy WIP progress. ❤️

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These scrumptious little eye-candies of joy are Scheepjes | Cahlista 15g balls.

I’ve created this Mermaid palette after several iterations and shade groupings. If you’re looking for the Color Pack, it will be in Scheepjes retailers by Dec 1, and you can find the 50g Cahlista* at WoolWarehouse.

This is an aran weight cotton yarn that is passed over a flame 2 times to make sure it’s not “fuzzy.” I’ve made a sample Trellis for an upcoming surprise project, and oh my goodness this yarn is lush. I’m not usually the biggest cotton person, but this is a beautiful matte yarn with a lovely hand. It’s not stiff either – my wrists will sometimes get sore working with cotton and I haven’t had that problem with the Cahlista. (Note: I used a size 5mm (H) hook and it works great for me!)

I have to apologize because I took about a zillion photos of these 15g beauties.. but here’s the photo from – delish!

To take a closer look at the Color Pack (all 109 colors plus 10 more coming in January!!), go see the drool-worthy stop motion video – it’s every yummy color – on Scheepjes Instagram page!

Here these cuties are with my secret WIP! Okay not a secret, but I’m going to keep it a surprise until more is done… But I will say, it’s a freebie because it’s something I’ve never made before. Yes! *gasp!* it’s not a blanket!

And of course, the rest of the 15g Cahlista Color Pack, looking like a box of bite-size snaxx. Pick -n- mix of a lifetime!

You know how you stick your hook and scissors through your yarn ball to keep track of them? No? Just me? Well I couldn’t exactly do that with this tiny ball of yarn – but I tried.. And now I just feel bad for impaling the adorable li’l guy lol

Look out for more info on this WIP – including a few more clues on what it could be. 🙂

And as promised, here’s the Holiday Gift Idea!!

This gorgeous linen bag holds 22 Cahlista 15g Balls exactly, and that’s the exact perfect size for my project. Cohana artist accessories are nothing short of exquisite.

The label and tassel kill me, and there are pockets all around the bag to hold supplies.

And the lush and indulgent packaging! Gorgeous packaging will win me over every time. The pins – heart eyessss! And what’s in that cute little box?

Of course! It’s a Button paper weight/desk decor piece. Plus I invented the best use for it… see below.

Finally, a place to keep track of my hook and scissors for this WIP! Lol! It’s too good. And nicely made too – good weight to it. Mr. Button is officially the new mascot of my tiny desk.

Check out Cohana notions, accessories, and storage solutions at the website linked above. It’s the perfect holiday gift for the crafter who has everything. I’ve been browsing all afternoon. ❤️

One more thing: I just couldn’t resist another shot of the Mermaid palette. Looking forward to sharing more of this mysterious WIP with you all!

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    • Thank you! It’s a really nice bag. Their stuff is so pretty. My WIP is a blast! I’ll post more soon 🙂

      • I looked at the bag on the website and it’s so tempting. I’d need to check out the cost of postage to Australia though. Perhaps there is an importer here too. I’ll do some research. 🙂