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BQueen Collection – Custom Dye Box

You may remember my post back in mid-June when I photographed my first experience dyeing yarn with a BQueen Dye Box. If you haven’t seen that post, please hop over! It talks about the process and you’ll see the gorgeous yellow Safflower-dyed yarn. ❀️❀️ (The pattern for this square is “Crystal” from the Vibrant Vintage CAL!)  When I dyed my first hank, I instantly wanted 6 more colors on 6 more hanks to make – of course – a blanket! Wouldn’t that be too lush?? After a chit chat with super-cool BQueen founder, Makenzie, she informed me that she had some gears turning already for a custom type Dye Box.  I waited patiently and finally she told me it was ready! 6 hanks of Superwash Merino bulky and 6 gorgeous natural dye vials.  I put my yarn soaking and started mixing up the dyes in the cups Makenzie provides with each Box.  Here are the remaining 5 dyes and their name tags.. I couldn’t stop the vials from rolling around to get a shot of …


My Planner: Moleskine

Warning! If you’re not interested in how I juggle a huge workload and 4 kids + hubby without losing my noodle, just skip this post 😁😁❀️ I’ve always been a meticulous planner, but never stuck with any one method of organizing it all. Previously I’d go through spiral notebooks haphazardly, and half the time I’d chunk them when filled, and lose all notes and potentially valuable info.  First I tried to get jiggy with the young’ns and take it hi-tech with a few different apps. HomeRoutines Cozi Family Organizer AwesomeNote But something about good old pen and paper is so charming and natural and creative to me, that I deleted them all off my phone the very same day.  I poked around online for planners and found some cute stuff: Quilter’s Planner Crochet/knitting project planning templates Then I headed to the office supply store and after looking around, I bought a boring, plain Jane, ready-made day planner. Woe was me, indeed. I used that planner for about 6 months before I realized I was still …


Papatya Batik

This gorgeous quality yarn is available at Papatya Batik page I used Papatya Batik and absolutely loved it! It’s so incredibly squishy and soft – I felt in love instantly. And if you think there’s nothing you can do with long color-change yarn like Papatya Batik, you may just need to do some web surfing for inspiration! Check out all the Ravelry projects to get you started! I’m making a top secret project with it πŸ™‚ You’ll find out soon enough! ❀️❀️❀️ I recommend this yarn. Free shipping worldwide, and very good value/pricing. So pretty too! Look at the beautiful collection of colors I got! It only made sense to make a rainbow heart pic πŸ™‚


BQueen Dye Box

Today I dyed yarn for the first time! I couldn’t have fathomed beginning a new hobby like yarn dyeing, but I certainly wanted to at least try it without committing to an expensive slew of new gear. Enter BQueen Collection!  At you can buy this beautiful kit which includes a hank of yarn and a precious little corked vial of natural dye material. Here’s a good look at all the items in the Dye Kit. Those are gloves in the paper cup. Safety is important! You have to use a pot that you’ll dedicate solely to your dyeing adventures, and I had just the one. My Emeril Lagasse pot set is absolutely gorgeous, but alas, the quartage is just not enough for my hungry family of six. So this wee one will be my dye pot! Before its new job, it was an adornment anyway – on the pot hanger that my husband made for me πŸ™‚ (Idea from When I used the dye kit, I followed the detailed instructions to the T since …