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African Flower Half-Hexagon

*I wrote this pattern in 2013, but I’ve reproduced it here to further organize my free pattern library – Thank you!* African Flower Half-Hexagon Pattern Hi, Y’all! Let’s talk hexie blankets. I love a good hex blanket, but I have so much trouble with the edges because in my mind a blanket must have a straight edge. Of course your mileage may vary and you may love the fun-shaped border, but I just HAVE to fill in the gaps to square off. Someone asked me for advice on a hexie blanket border (Instagram user @theoriginaldumblonde) and I thought I’d do a quick tutorial for a half-hex. I’ve never done an African Flower (although I’ve seen it a zillion times and it’s gorgeous!) so I Googled it and saw the Ravelry pattern from Heidi’s Bears. I used this pattern to make my half-hex design. Then I went ahead and searched for “Half African Flower Motif” and I did find some hits. BUT My method is different. Here we go! Slip knot, chain 4, join with a …