Perfect Granny Square

*I wrote this pattern in 2013, but I’ve relocated it here in order to further organize my free pattern library – Thank you!*


Here is a quick tutorial for the Perfect Granny Square! 🙂

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(US Terminology, Worsted weight yarn, size K/6.5mm hook)

I have featured this tutorial on Facebook, but I have decided to give it a permanent home, here on my website. I have found that I’m not the only one who does this method, but maybe you’ll learn something new!

The yarn I am using is a soft and sturdy economical powerhouse, KnitPicks Brava Sport. Read more about this yarn on my Crafter site!

Okay, I like to start with an adjustable ring (“Magic Ring”) – see it at Crochet Cabana (.com) tutorial.

You can also chain 4 and join to make a ring.

Round 1: All in ring, SC, chain 2, (3DC, chain 1) 3 times, 2DC, join with a slip stitch in the chain directly above the beginning SC.

Round 2: Slip stitch in same chain space, FLIP WORK OVER to the opposite side, (SC, chain 2, 3DC) all in same space, (3DC, chain 1, 3DC) in all 3 other spaces around, 2DC in first space, join with a slip stitch to the chain directly above the beginning SC.

Round 3 (pattern round): Slip stitch in same space, FLIP WORK OVER to opposite side, (SC, chain 2, 3DC) all in same space, 3DC in all spaces across, (3DC, chain 1, 3DC) in corners around the blanket until you reach the first space. 2DC in that space and join with a slip stitch in the chain directly above the beginning SC. Cut yarn and finish off when your work is large enough.

I like to end on an odd round so that the first and last rounds are both facing up.

If you are using many colors, you would cut yarn and finish off after every join, and then flip the work over, attach yarn in any corner, and work as normal.

I use this method (flipping work to alternate sides, omitting chains between 3DC groups, working only 1 chain in the corners) as a means to make a perfectly straight-edged granny square. If I do not do these things, I end up with a warped, twisted-centered, loosey-goosey, un-structured thing… 🙂

Around the square in the photo below, I did a reverse SC round. Nice and neat!


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