Textured Circles: An Expansion on the Circle of Friends Square


Important Links:

  • Circle of Friends – what a wonderful free pattern written by my crochet idol, Priscilla Hewitt.
  • Check out my Textured Circles Blanket master post for all the different ways I’ve played with this square over here. It incudes different joins, block modifications, and borders!


Today, I’d like to share a pattern to expand this square by 5 rounds to 11″ – using worsted weight yarn and a size K (6.5mm) hook.

5-Round Expansion for Circle of Friends Square

After you have completed your final SC round of the Circle of Friends square, you are ready to begin.

Round 1: Join new yarn with a slip stitch in Back Loop Only (BLO) of corner stitch. Work (SC, Chain 1) – this stands in for the first DC – 2 DC in that same BLO spot, work DC all around the square in BLO of all stitches, putting 3DC in BLO in the corners. Join to the beginning DC. Finish off.

Round 2: Join new yarn with slip stitch in any corner DC. (SC, Chain 2, SC) in same corner stitch. (Chain 2, skip 1 stitch, SC) around the square, putting (SC, Chain 2, SC) in all corners. Join with a Slip stitch to beginning SC. Do not finish off.

Round 3: (SC, Chain 1) in first corner chain loop – counts as first DC – Chain 2, 3DC in same corner loop, 2 DC in all loops around, putting (3DC, chain 2, 3DC) in all corners. When you reach the beginning corner, work 2 DC in it to complete the round. Join and finish off.

Round 4: Join new color in any corner chain space. Work 3 DC in same chain space. Work SC all around, putting 3SC in all corners. Join to beginning SC and finish off.

Round 5: I work this round in my joining color! Join in any corner SC through BLO. Work 3 SC in that same BLO spot. Work SC in BLO all around, putting 3SC in BLO of all corners. Join to beginning SC and finish off.

Done! Now you’re ready to work any join. I like the Flat Braid Join – link on main page as indicated above.