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Playful Lace Scallop Edging

Your blankie is sure to be a hit with this super cute edging! Foundation: Your first round will be a chain loop round. So if your final blanket round is an SC round, then (SC, skip 1 stitch, chain 2) repeat around – in all 4 corners, work (SC, chain 2, SC). If your final round is chain loops, just make sure you can work (SC, chain 2) loops around, putting (SC, chain 2, SC) in the 4 corners. It will help if between corner chain loops, you have a number of chain that is a multiple of 6 + 5. Example: 35 chain loops between corners. Playful Scallop Edging Count 2 chain loops before any corner and join yarn. SC in same chain loop, treble crochet (TR) in corner chain loop, (chain 3, SC in top of TR) – Picot made – (TR, Picot) 6 more times, TR, skip 1 chain loop, SC in next chain loop. 7-Picot Scallop Corner made. In next chain loop: 3 DC, Picot, 3 DC, SC in next chain …


Free Alternatives to My Paid Patterns!

If you’ve been looking for some free patterns which are similar to my paid patterns, I’ve started a list of some great ones to try. It’s not much right now, but as I make time to research more, I’ll be linking them here. Have you stumbled upon additional free alternatives out there? Please comment with the link. I’d love to add more to my list, and there are so many fabulous free patterns out there by some truly lovely designers! – Rachele C. Xx PS: To purchase any of my patterns listed on this page, or browse my growing archive of free patterns, head over to my Complete Pattern List!   My Design: Painted Hexagons Or try these similar freebies! Pattern: Ruby Hexagon Blanket ||  Designer: Nova Seals Or, browse the 113+ FREE crochet patterns under the search term “Granny Hexagon Blanket” My Design: Polka Dot Or try these similar freebies! Pattern: Polka Dot Baby Blanket || Designer: Red Heart Design Team My Design: Gumball Or try these similar freebies! Pattern: Happy Colors Blanket Tutorial || Designer: Just Do Pattern: Bear’s Rainbow Blanket || Designer: Purl …