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Zipper Stripe Blanket

The Zipper Stripe Blanket came about when I wanted to make a unisex design – it’s kind of like a Granny Stripe, but I didn’t want to use the word “Granny” 🙂 To make the blanket, I like to use the yarn held double, but it isn’t necessary. Pattern (US Terms): Foundation Chain: Start off by chaining an even number of stitches plus 3 (for turning) I make my chain a tad smaller than what I want my final measurement to be because this blanket has a tendency to expand on row 2. Row 1: DC in the 3rd chain from hook and in all chains across. You should have an odd number of stitches. Chain 2 and turn work. I also recommend an alternate method: Turn work without chaining up, work SC in first DC and chain 1. This is what I do. Row 2 (Pattern row): Work DC *between* the first and second DC of the row below. Skip 2 DC, and 2DC between the DC of the row below. Repeat across blanket until you reach the final …


California Dreaming: When the artist collaborates with her former self

Fiber art is my passion. I have crocheted every day for years, but before I picked up the hook, I proudly wielded the knitting needles. In my second year of college, I became utterly inspired by Wendy Johnson of to learn to knit. This was a time when young people still learned from books, so I mixed library visits with internet research to teach myself the craft. Dozens of cardigan sweaters, stripy socks, and several knitted blankets later, and somehow I made it through college to the other side. After college, life swept me up in its current, and I started a career, got married, and had a baby on the way within a year after graduation! But somewhere in the middle of all that craziness, I picked up a hook and discovered granny squares, baby booties, and scarves, and it was all over… I never, ever looked back to knitting, and that forward momentum left behind a serious amount of unfinished work in its wake. I didn’t have the time to go through …