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Rebecca Möbius Scarf Free Pattern

The Rebecca Mobius Scarf free pattern is finally here! Create this elegant striping by alternating from inside and outside of a Scheepjes Whirl cake in Blueberry Bambam, or use any of the gorgeous colorways for a totally different look. Check out my review of Scheepjes Whirl to see all the deets and where to cop.

This is the perfect project if you’re trying to make something that will be appreciated by anyone. There is an alternate version without the beads to widen the wearability even more.  The scarf uses about half of the cake, so grab one and make two!

You can see the dazzling effect that it makes when the yarn goes from navy blue to cream, and all the shades in between. This is blue jeans and chic stripes at its best.

This is one of my favorite projects I’ve ever made, and definitely my favorite wearable. When your hipster 10 year-old likes it, you know it’s a winner…

Where to find the Rebecca Mobius Scarf

Find this free pattern on Ravelry, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting (soon!).

Super-talented Andrea Grimaldi (Website) has tested this pattern in the Green Tea Tipple colorway, and also made a beautiful wrap with the leftover Whirl! Go take a peek!





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