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Moon Landing Blanket Free Pattern

I’m so pleased to bring you all the Moon Landing Blanket free pattern!

Named for its resemblance to moon boots and for those outlandish bobbles, Moon Landing is a unique hexagon blanket that you can make using three different yarn types of a similar weight. Of course the same yarn can also be used throughout. This piece is perfect for any space from a newborn’s crib to a college dorm room. With clever color choice, anyone will enjoy this modern and striking blanket design.

Find the Pattern PDF on RAVELRY! 🙂

Make it! Read more about the three yarns I used for this project and where to order them in the happy mail Yarn post.

Huge thank you to everyone for being so enthusiastic about this pattern and pushing me to finally finish it. All it took was carving about 10 hours out of my busy day to complete it and share with you lovely lot. Thank you and I hope you enjoy making it!

Rachele C.


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  2. I love this pattern so much! I have a question about round one. It says here should be 12 HDC, but I only count 11. (The beg hdc and the pairs ( repeated 5 times)). I am not awesome at pattern reading so could you explain where the other one comes from? Thanks in advance and thanks for putting this pattern together!