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Painted Hexagons

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, then you probably know that I have an obsession with a certain six-sided shape. I love creating them, and then coming up with the half-motif to fill the sides, and deciding how I’ll fill in the zig-zag sides to square it all off. The whole process is so much fun to me. And hexies are just tops!

Over the years, I’ve designed several hexagon blankets, and then made some joining methods to go along with them. Browse my website with a search for the word “Hexagon” and you’ll see it all! 

Painted Hexagons (Rav link) remains one of my favorite hexie patterns. I dug it out of the vault and grabbed the leftover cotton basket that I used for the original. I used RICO Creative Cotton, Patons Grace, and some Annie’s size 3 thread. Basically all the stash cotton I had at the time (in 2014)! 

Then *dun-dun duuunnnnn* I pulled out the border and the join.. Why?!? Because I want to demo a hex join and I don’t have any spare hexies laying around 🙂 Plus it’s also the perfect time to make this blanket bigger! I’ve had a really fun time over the past week making some comforting granny hexies after wrapping up a huge deadline. 

Granny squares are like the mashed potatoes of crochet. They’re like the let’s watch Grease in our PJs of crochet… The hug from ma.. The early AM cuppa when the house is still asleep.. I think you get the idea. And for me, even more comforting than the granny square is the granny hexagon. True love! ❤️

The original hexies change color each round, but to save time I’m doing multiple rounds in one color, and even adding in some solid ones. I only have 2 half-hex motifs because I can’t find the others, so those extras will be solid as well.

Keep your eyes on this blanket because I’m writing up a new join tutorial for it! I’ll post the updates down below with FO pics when it’s all done, plus links to the join and updated Painted Hexagons pattern (coming soon!)

Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, happy crafting!

– Rachele C.


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  1. I hate joining motifs. could I just keep increasing and make one really big hexagon? I make lap robes for a veteran’s home. Seams do not hold up well in commercial laundry machines. Thank you, Sandra

    • This sounds like a good theory, but unfortunately the larger you make this motif, the pointier the 6 corners become so that you start to get a spider-web type of look. The pattern would have to be modified, so I would look for a different granny hexagon pattern to test. Orrrr maybe you just haven’t found a Join that you’re in love with yet! I’ll win your hooky heart with one someday 😁😁❤️

  2. Ditto! I like this join a lot and have a special place in my crochet heart for hexagons. Thanks for sharing your new comfort project.