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Carefree crochet blanket – showing off my new FO

Say hello to the third Relaxghan of this popular series of free blanket patterns! The Carefree blanket crochet pattern is nearly done, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share the FO photographs with you all. Advertisements


Callie Crochet Blanket Pattern

Callie Pattern: Ravelry | Craftsy | Etsy | LoveKnitting Info: Alternate way to whip st join, instead of using the tails: YouTube Tutorial – Click here! Notions: US Size 3.25mm hook, Tapestry needle for weaving ends Gauge: Motif measures about 6.5in at widest point Measurements: Finished piece measures about 70x58in, and is easily resized by using larger gauge yarn and hook, or by making more motifs. Yarn Scheepjes “Cotton 8” (aff) (100% Cotton; 50g/170m) Color x No. of balls Yarn A: 665 Light Blue Green x 3 Yarn B: 723 Sea Green x 3 Yarn C: 508 Soft Yellow x 3 Yarn D: 722 Ochre x 4 Yarn E: 671 Rust x 3 Yarn F: 717 Bordeaux x 3 Yarn G: 657 Dark Brown x 3 Yarn H: 659 Light Brown x 4 Yarn I: 656 Beige x 4 Calliope or simply “Callie” was born from an idea I had in August 2017 to make a floral hexagon with thin petals and an ornate texture. At that time I was working with my Fresh Earth …

Crochet Pattern: Hundred Chain Scarf – Our Tribe Yarn

Well, guys, what can I say? I’m a part of the neatest thing since sliced bread – grabbing the baton from Miss Neriss on this Scheepjes Blogger blog hop – (Thank you, Nerissa!!), and it’s now my turn to introduce Our Tribe yarn. [Related Link: Browse this yarn*!] Look at that pile of loveliness and tell me you don’t want to just reach out and squeeze a skein. A few months ago, Scheepjes reached out to me and asked me for six colors that I thought faded well with one another. I was quite puzzled but I replied with a set of colors which have always been in my heart and often make an appearance in my projects (Trellis and Chevron, Desert Bloom, Moon Landing, and many more). These salient shades included a nice turquoise, a mint green, and an olive green, among others. The navy blue, coral, and deeper teal colors I chose are all hinted at in my yarn skein, but the real superstar is the mint and olive combo. I was actually …

VVCAL blanket in green palette – A very green post :)

Sometimes I look at my WIP and think, “Why are you like this?” Lol – but this method is faster, or at least in my mind.  Besides, this pic from January 2015 has over a hundred thousand pins or something, so it can’t be that crazy..  But what IS crazy is how many joins I tried for these squares… eventually I just invented a Join for them – the Row by Row JAYG, and I didn’t even end up using it!! Honestly…  What I did end up using was a version of the Flat Braid Join with only one chain instead of three or five. I made a YouTube video for it!  Along the way I also tried my go-to PLT Join, but I didn’t think it had enough oomph to echo the Lacy squares.  I also tried out making the PLT move on only certain stitches so it would have a pretty Celtic effect. I didn’t end up liking that one either… but it was kinda pretty!  Gratuitous granny square pic… these are the …

Wildflower FO Reveal!

Look out world, Wildflower is finished and she is a stunner! Teresa Davis (Facebook) sent me the results of a beautifully styled  photo shoot of her finished piece. She has graciously provided all of the photos for this upcoming pattern and all of the related social media and blog posts. Wow! I gave my Wildflower blanket pattern a serious facelift in a whole new yarn: Scheepjes Stone Washed. Read more about the yarn and where to find it (as well as some yummy progress pics!) in the previous post. Or see my full review of this luscious yarn! The new Wildflower pattern update will be coming next week as I wrap it up for y’all, but for now you can enjoy Teresa’s photos as they are a feast for the eyes.  A wild flower in its natural habitat ❤️❤️

Rebecca Möbius Scarf FO Reveal!

You might remember a while back I was playing around with a new cake of Scheepjes Whirl in BlueBerry Bambam, and decided to make a beaded scarf. Check out my review of Whirl for all the details! Well that scarf turned into the Rebecca Möbius Scarf, named after my 10 year-old because she ended up loving the blue colorway.  I pre-strung the beads, and worked alternating from the inside and the outside of the cake. It was surprisingly easy after my tester, Andrea Grimaldi (@ndrgrmld on Instagram) gave me a tip: pull the center end one way, and unwind the outside end toward the opposite direction. This way they never meet and won’t tangle! Brilliant! 😁 Here is my Rebecca Möbius Scarf as modeled by its namesake. The color changes of Whirl with the striping has me absolutely giddy, and the beads give it that added touch. But the beads aren’t 100% necessary and it looks awesome without them! Just ask Andrea – she tested the pattern with the Green Tea Tipple colorway without the …