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Hygge-Chaka: “Hooked” on a feeling!

(Featured photo by Simy Somer) Sing it with me now! Hygge chaka, hygge-hygge-hygge chaka! The #ScheepjesCAL2017 has begun! February 15 marked the day everyone dove hooks first into their BEAUTIFUL Scheepjes Hygge Kits*. It’s also my wedding anniversary, but I am completely disctracted looking through the Hygge Instagram posts… The abundance of showoff photos that I have for you today will really let the Hygge Kits and WIPs shine. Information So this is basically a Hygge photo drool-fest, but first: some info! Browse lush Hygge Kits internationally at*. (I’ve been told these are the most complete CAL Kits ever released!) Hygge CAL creator, Haak Maar Raak, has a blog post with all the important CAL info – including the answer to “what does Hygge mean???” It’s All in a Nutshell – CAL videos! Yessssssssss ❤ Hygge comes in 3 main color packs (see photo at top of post) and a special edition pack, “Danish Mermaid” – swoooooooon! Kit Palettes Full color palettes – yarns are Stone Washed* and Catona* Kit Pics There are some beautiful …

Moon Landing Blanket: Free Pattern

I’m so pleased to bring you all the Moon Landing Blanket free pattern! Named for its resemblance to moon boots and for those outlandish bobbles, Moon Landing is a unique hexagon blanket that you can make using three different yarn types of a similar weight. Of course the same yarn can also be used throughout. This piece is perfect for any space from a newborn’s crib to a college dorm room. With clever color choice, anyone will enjoy this modern and striking blanket design. Find the Pattern PDF on RAVELRY! 🙂 Make it! Read more about the three yarns I used for this project and where to order them in the happy mail Yarn post. Huge thank you to everyone for being so enthusiastic about this pattern and pushing me to finally finish it. All it took was carving about 10 hours out of my busy day to complete it and share with you lovely lot. Thank you and I hope you enjoy making it! Rachele C.

Moon Landing Blanket is finished!

Allow me to introduce my newest FO: the Moon Landing Blanket!  Features:  Bold, large hexagons with color rings worked through BLO for a beautifully neat layered look Bobbled corners that reach out to each other creating a diamond visual PLT join using HDC instead of SC which gives a wider band of color between motifs 3 Different yarn types (see below!) with varying textures and makeups, all the same  care instruction for easy wash My first blanket with hexagons placed in this “sideways” orientation! Half hexies are on the long sides of the piece – never done it that way before! Yarns used (all Scheepjes brand): Inner hexagon color – Stone Washed First color ring and join/border – Colour Crafter  Second color ring – Softfun Aquarel Full free pattern coming soon – Should be finished with it by next week! Hope y’all enjoy this one! It’s for my cuter than ever 3yo cousin – adopted from Ethiopia ❤️❤️ Can’t wait for her to snuggle in it! I made her brother a blanket for last Christmas (Zendoodle Blanket No. …

What’s in a (pattern) name?

Do y’all have as much trouble naming your projects as I do?? I meditate and ruminate and contemplate and deliberate, and then at the end of it all, the name I choose has to “grow on me” before I start to love it.  Shown here is one of the first hexie prototypes for this blanket. Sometimes you can just name a blanket based on its form, and that makes it easy. “Popcorn Hexagon Blanket” was almost the name of this piece, but I thought it was so boring and cold, especially for a cute pattern that’s about to form epic popcorn diamonds when I join more motifs… So that means sometimes you have to name a piece based on what it looks like and how it makes you feel! Difficuuuuult… But here goes.. What my WIP reminds me of: 60s Space Age  2 words: Space boots. Salt water taffy!!   Maybe I’ll call it the Space Taffy Moon blanket. For now I’m just calling it  “Moon Landing.” While working on this WIP, I generated a …

Mixing Yarns for a New Project! 

Hi, y’all! I’m planning a new project and I pulled a few different Scheepjes* yarns to  mix it up. These may have slightly different weights, but if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I’m definitely not afraid to cross yarn types, even if they’re just “close enough.” I’ll mix in a heartbeat!  Yarns: Colour Crafter* – 4 balls – My yarn review Stone Washed* – 10 balls (2 duplicate colors not pictured) Softfun Aquarel* – 6 balls Ran these gorgeous yarns through the Prisma app for some fun!  And here’s my plan for this project. My upcoming free pattern: Moon Landing Blanket! Stay tuned! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the links marked with an asterisk*. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and it helps keep CypressTextiles going!