For the love of Linen Stitch

There are many tutorials online for Linen/Moss/Woven Stitch, but check out this one by by Dedri Uys! 

My love for Linen St goes back to about 2012 when I started making simple back-and-forth blankets with it. I called them “Bold Stripe Blanket” and even wrote a simple free pattern in Spring 2013.

That year, when I started using PLT Join (this was before I named it so), I made “Bold Gingham Blanket”, which is a piece made of join-as-you-go strips, using color to form an opulent pattern. I really love this one and wish I had time to make another!

After that, I got caught up in a hexagon custom order whirlwind. Other crafters referred to me as “the hexie queen”, I made blanket after blanket of custom order hexagon pieces: Sunburst Flower, Cottage Quilt, Painted Hexagons, and Geometric Lace – probably about 65 in all.. So linen stitch definitely wasn’t on my hook, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t on my mind. One day I’d have time to make a booklet of linen stitch patterns. 

I was sketching and making up samples to keep the ideas fresh, some super-simple and others based on quilt blocks and fabric yardage. 

Chevron faffing below using the Lucy Pack* of Stylecraft Special DK from Deramores.

Blocks below made with Scheepjes Stone Washed* and Catona Denim*

The right-hand sample above is based on this quilt block called “Seaside Boardwalk”, a beautiful tutorial seen on

Isn’t it the cutest? You just know I had to make flying geese too – made in KnitPicks Palette Yarn* 🙂

Once I decided to close my custom order service, I began to design again. In 2015, I designed a couple blankets using linen st, my Beach Hut Blanket, and Zendoodle Blanket

The Beach Hut above was based on the award-winning “Charming Chevrons” over on – please take a look; her blog post is wonderful! 

A customer requested the color layout below, which turned out really lovely.

Zendoodle Blanket shown below, made in New Fashion DK, using the Summer Evening yarn pack curated by MyCraftLife

So that’s my history with this gorgeous stitch. Fast forward to today, and I’m getting a serious itch to work with linen st again. I kept all those samples and sketches from before in a gallon-size ziplock bag and waited until I had time to write a small collection of patterns. Well, it’s time! Now that I can bring my bag of swatches to life, I have some serious goodies for y’all.

Check out “LissMiss” (Linen St Mitered Square) in my previous post, made in Colour Crafter*.

And “Bias Strip”, first strip seen below in the “Sweatshirt” colorway as an homage to cutting up beloved old sweatshirts to make a cozy blanket. Made in Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton and Billie Jean yarns. I lurve this one! I cannot *wait* to release this ebook, a neat collection of blocks and blankets, sure to please you linen-loving crafters 🙂 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to shops I love and trust, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the links marked with an asterisk*. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and it helps keep CypressTextiles going!


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    • Thank you, Christa – I’m pleased that you like it! If I hadn’t seen your quilt in that magazine, it never would have happened 😁❤️❤️ Xx

  1. This technique is very interesting. I wonder if you could combine it with the planned pooling that has been discussed on many crochet sites in the last few weeks?

    • Yes it’s the same stitch that they’re using for the pooling! You could definitely do it on the bias (it involves using decrease and increase at the beginning and end to create shaping) and it would look really great. Maybe a scarf!

  2. I’ve been looking for a simple pattern for a blanket for my son and I think your bold gingham blanket would be perfect. Do you have the pattern available?