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Lissmiss Blanket WIP (Wonderfully Interesting Project)

I have a new project in the works called the Lissmiss Blanket.. What is Lissmiss??? Well it’s the way “LSMS” is pronounced, which stands for Linen Stitch Mitered Square – of course! 😛

I’m making a no-sew linen st mitered square blanket because this is a pattern that has been floating around my head (and scraps of paper) for long enough! This needs to be made! 

Here’s a pic of my prototype – pulled from my Instagram from November 2013!! Dude! Three years this baby has been marinating… 

And the current WIP… The glorious Lissmiss!

Hellooooooo Fall! Peep this Scheepjes Colour Crafter – YUM! 

Why the mitered square? 

Did you know I used to knit? Well my crafterly adventures all started back in the day (my college years) with, when blogs were definitely more primitive. I got busy knitting all. the. things. And one of the Things was the Psychedelic Squares Afghan. Only I used the  No Sew Mitered Square Afghan tutorial over at Mason-Dixon Knitting because, well I’ve always known I stink at sewing… 

click to read about the knitted inspiration

So I gathered my Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (since replaced – I think – by 24/7 cotton*, which looks amaaaazing – can’t wait to buy and try!) and I made a BUNCH of Mitered square quads, which I then stuffed into a box to sit for a decade… 

Fast forward to 2013 when I had long since converted to the hook, and I decided to use those knitted squares in a collaboration with my former co-ed self. Read all about that experience – HERE! (Side note: Soon after, I promptly designed the crochet version you see at the top of this post… Loved the sticks, but I’m stuck on the hook!!)

Okay, so back to Lissmiss. 

Working on this Wonderfully Interesting Project has me reminiscing and I think you’ll enjoy the retro stripes with an updated rugged, sophisticated palette – or with your own curated scheme! These stripes will make any colors look great.

Can’t wait to post the Lissmiss Blanket pattern! Coming soon in a booklet of Linen St patterns – woohoo!  â¤ï¸â¤ï¸


  1. Linda says

    This is really nice. I also knit and crochet but have not used the linen stitch before. Something nice and colorful to look forward to. You have a way with colors my friend.
    Love it.

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