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Partial Continuous JAYG: Squares


Quick tip for my Gelato pattern or any blanket you are making that has different size granny square motifs.

You’ve heard of the Continuous JAYG – a great way to make a sturdy join that saves you from weaving in hundreds of ends – but it would be difficult to join this random placement of multi-size squares with that completely continuous join. So what I did was to locate the areas where several same-size squares are lined up in my reference blanket (a Gelato I made in the past – see below).

I made 2 identical Gelato blankets for a custom order, so as you can see in the photo above, I joined adjacent same-size squares continuously. Then, I joined the larger squares in, picking up and joining in the sides of the already connected pieces as I went, so as to incorporate all squares of the blanket.

Essentially, this blanket was made with one part Continuous JAYG, and one part regular JAYG. I saved over 100 ends between the two blankets with this method. Comment with questions and I’ll clarify anything I can!

See more on the original blanket post!


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