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Trampoline Block

Good morning! I am in the perfect crochet situation right now – riding in the passenger seat on a road trip to SeaWorld San Antonio.

In my travel, I decided to bring only prototype work and no custom queue pieces. Scary for me! But I wanted to take a true creative vacation and flesh out some fresh ideas. Please note: Since this pattern is a mobile endeavor, it will be bare bones for right now! I’ll come back and edit with more pics, links, and a view of multiple squares to see the joining method.

Here is the Trampoline Block pattern born from my desire to have a solid granny without corner holes, and a “detached” feeling border to frame that pretty variegated yarn.

Pattern Notes

Variegated yarn: Ice Yarn “Dancing Baby” available online at

Solid yarn: Bernat Yarn – the big one pounder whose name is escaping me at the moment… I’ll link when I’m back home 😉

These are both DK weight, so I’m using an I (5.5mm) hook.

General directions: Make a solid granny square, work an eyelet round, an hdc round, and an sc round. Join new motifs as you go on the sc round, using a method that I will discuss.

Okay, here we go!

Rnd1: Magic Loop and work Sc, Ch2, 3Dc, (Tr, 3Dc) 3 times join in top chain of Ch2.

Rnd2: (Sc, Ch2, 2Dc) all in joining St, Dc across all Sts to corner Tr. *(2Dc, Tr, 2Dc) in corner Tr, Dc across all Sts to corner St* 3 times. 2Dc in corner Tr to complete first corner, and join in top chain.

Rnd3 & 4: Repeat Rnd2.

Finish off yarn (cut and weave)… Admire your solid granny with no corner holes 😛

Attach border color in any corner with a Slst.

Rnd5: (Sc, Ch4, Dc) all in joining St. (Ch1, Sk St, Dc) 7 times across side. Ch1, Sk St, *Dc, Ch3, Dc* in corner St to make corner. Repeat around the square and at last corner, Ch1 and join to the chain *right above* the beginning Sc.

Rnd6: (Sc, Ch1, 2Hdc) all in joining St. Hdc in all Sts across to Ch3 corner, working your Hdc *IN* the chains

(Instead of working in the chain space, you will work through the chain stitch, creating a cleaner look.)

(2Hdc, Dc, 2Hdc) in corner. Continue in this manner around the square until you reach the last corner. 2Hdc in the first corner St to complete the first corner. Join in the Ch1 St *right above* the beginning Sc.

Rnd 7: 3Sc in first and all 3 other corner stitches, working Sc in all Sts around the square. Finish off.

Joining the subsequent squares:
For these purposes, since I am mobile and can’t take more pictures, check out the Tight Join by Mary Bucek of “Crafty Goodness Crochet” Hop over to the ScrappyCAL – to see Admin Mary’s post on the Tight Join. It’s a beautiful join! 🙂


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