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Autumn Blues Blanket

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Gemma Blanket Pattern

My fast and furious week-long Gemma journey has its own blog post! But now it’s done, and I’m truly proud of the result. It was an utter joy to work with the new and favorite colors of Scheepjes – Stone Washed XL, and the original Stone Washed. See my review of these yarns and where to find them near you!  Yarns you’ll need for this 30x40in blanket: Stone Washed XL – 1 ball each: 842 (Smokey Quartz)  858 (Lilac Quartz) 876 (Tourmaline) 851 (Deep Amethyst) 853 (Amazonite) 849 (Yellow Jasper) 861 (Pink Quartzite) 850 (Garnet) 841 (Moon Stone) x 2 balls Stone Washed  801 (Moon Stone) x 2 balls What you’ll find in the Gemma Crochet Blanket Pattern:  Easy-to-follow, 9-page instructions Continuous flat braid join Experienve working with bulky and DK yarn in the same piece Fun “Little Charms” border  Coloring pages with additional layout options Stone Washed color palette inspiration All colors of Stone Washed are named after gemstones and minerals. Meant to be!! Check out the cute edging close up. Where to find Gemma: Gemma is …

Introducing: Gemma! 

Coming tomorrow: the Gemma crochet blanket pattern! (Update! Now here!) With jewel motifs made in Scheepjes – Stone Washed XL, and continuous flat braid join plus sweet surprise border in original Stone Washed, this piece will have you zooming through your next gifty make in less than a week’s time.  A peek at me planning my join! When I plan out a joining method, I don’t cut the yarn. So yarn noodles abound! And check out my review of these yarns including where to buy.  Coincidentally, all Stone Washed yarn colors are named after gems. In this blanket, I used Smokey Quartz, Deep Amethyst, and Tourmaline, among others. Not to mention Garnet, my birthstone!  AND, this blanket is being made for a bouncing baby named Emma. Emma – Gemma?? Eh?? I knoooowwwww lol it was all meant to be. The planets are aligned for this one.  Coming along – this really is a fast make. The Motifs go by so fast in chunky yarn, and the dainty DK weight yarn FBJ takes it over the top. YAY!! All …

Celtic Lace Junior and Mini! 

Hello again! Today I have another option for joining your Vibrant Vintage CAL squares. It’s actually two options, because I have a Junior version and a Mini version of the Celtic Lace Join for you, so you can choose the perfect width join for your square size. Try this pretty edging in a built tough, but super soft DK weight yarn like: Scheepjes Colour Crafter Knitpicks Brava Sport Stylecraft Special DK See all projects where I’ve used Celtic Lace Junior and Mini here! For the VVCAL, you have edged your squares in DC – here I have (some of) them edged in pale orange. The actual VVCAL pattern calls for 5DC in each corner, but here I’ve used (2DC, Chain 1, 2DC) corners. It makes no difference! My squares for this demo are a grid of 4×4 = 16 squares. Okay, I’m going to jump right in, using a darker orange color. Celtic Lace Mini Join (great for smaller squares) ROW 1, MOTIF 1 Round 1: Join yarn with a slip stitch in any corner …