Paid -> Free = FUN!

Hi, y'all! Today in the spirit of the Autumn Refresh, I wanted to tell you about three of my older patterns that I browsed through and decided to convert to freebies. Yay! Ravelry pattern links Gumball Four Square Wildflower Autumn Refresh is all about pressing pause on new content and going through your existing body… Continue reading Paid -> Free = FUN!

Inspiration, WIDN

2018 Goal: Stack of Blankets

You guys... people are sharing their stacks of blankets... and I'm going slowly insane. More on that later, but first! I searched Instagram tags #crochetblanketstack and #blanketstack --- Loooooook.... I preserved the IG name in the crop so you can go have a scroll! From pastel above to bright below, these stacks are giving me… Continue reading 2018 Goal: Stack of Blankets


Birthday Blankets: Something old into something new :)

Who remembers that Sesame Street song??? I just knew it would be on YouTube, and yep! Go ahead... you know you wanna watch it 🙂 Today I'm getting into this spirit by turning some (111!) squares that I made last year into 2 blankets for my little cousins on their birthday. They're 4 years apart,… Continue reading Birthday Blankets: Something old into something new 🙂


Mark Lawrence

ImageKind Art Gallery Great BIG Canvas Gallery (Beautiful abstract digital art based almost exclusively on Bible verses) Create a crochet piece based on the above artwork using two different 2.5" squares, one circle in square and one plain solid square.     Gorgeous inspiration for circle-to-square motifs. I really love the one below - what a graphically… Continue reading Mark Lawrence


Instagram user @VanillaLemonCake

Instagram <- visit Jessica's instagram!! For MAJOR Flat-lay, flowers, natural COLOR inspiration. Feast your eyes... Jessica has a way of finding beauty in nature and perfectly photographing it to share with the rest of us. Browse through beautifully curated hashtags like one of my favorites, her series called #VLCflowersonnapkins And another hashtag that she contributes lovely… Continue reading Instagram user @VanillaLemonCake