Namaste Chunky: Celebrating yourself as a WIP

Oooh the issue of exercise and weight and food and body image and wrinkly tummy skin and junk in the proverbial trunk. We all go through these struggles in one way or another, and Namaste Chunky is my way of saying I accept and love my body and all its curves. It’s like “so are you doing yoga to lose weight?” – “Umm, Namaste Chunky – I just love yoga.” 😁 

And I do love yoga! Doing Yoga with Adriene at night has been a life changer. If you really listen to what she says and balance, and actually “focus on your breathing” and lay on the floor when you’re done, just staring at the ceiling, I promise you will feel so refreshed and relaxed. 

If you’re like me and have a brood of kids running around screaming all day, and you cook meals, cart kiddoes to activities, clean house, and run a business, all with a huge, beaming heart, then reconnecting with yourself at the end of the day is a must. You always hear about mothers losing their sense of self, so this little 30min yoga routine will help you keep the connection. 

We’re all works in progress! We never stop learning, growing, challenging ourselves, taking our creative arts to the next level. Namaste Chunky is my first mandala design, and has been a delight, even if it’s also been an exercise in frogging and adjusting. (Apparently a huge challenge of manadalas is making them lay flat!) Frog and adjust, frog and adjust, repeat. 

I’ve used a medley of super bulky yarns here which I will name in the pattern, but a great yarn suggestion is KnitPicks* if you’re looking to buy – here is their Super Bulky* selection, but remember you can always use a worsted yarn* held double or a DK/sport yarn* held triple. Or do all 3 like I have! Bust that stash or try mixing new yarns ❤️❤️

Isn’t that how we all make progress in our lives? Two steps forward, one step back.. but the upward trend is what’s important. Celebrate your curvy body in motion! The Namaste Chunky pattern is coming soon 🙂 

Edited to add: pattern is now available!! 

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    • Hi there! My best estimate is that it will be 14 inches – I don’t know how a Chunky doily will translate to the fine thread! I hope everything works out and I’d love to see your progress pics if you decide to do it!
      Happy crafting,
      Rachele C.