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Entrepreneur of the Month: Makenzie Pearson of BQueen Collection

Welcome to Entrepreneur of the Month, where I share, discuss, and generally brag on a crafter turned business-owner that has inspired me during my handmade business journey, and at the end, I pick their brain with a short Q&A. Are you also chasing this dream? If so, tune in!


Colorful Crochet: Finally, a blanket for ME!

When the famous Marianne Dekkers-Roos wants to send you a copy of her new book to review, you shout YES!! and wait patiently for it to arrive.  Find “Colorful Crochet” at Amazon, Target, and read more on Google Books. I love it so much and am proud to share more about it! Marianne has created some adorable projects with a range of what I call the “TV Factor.” Some projects are perfect to work on in front of the TV, and some are better worked while listening to an audiobook… I know y’all get it!! Well these book’s projects definitely have a Netflix binge sesh in their future.  Here’s my fave: the Puff Scarf ❤️❤️ If you’ve even seen one post on IG from @marretjeroos then you know color is going to play a huge part in this book – and you’d be right! The color is spectacular, but not tacky or over the top. My favorite solid color piece: the Hexagon Shawl “Ursula” – what a beauty!  And my favorite colorful design: the “Merry-Go-Round” …

Featured Artist: Bernadette Ambergen

Bernaette Ambergen is a textile artist who designs and creates some absolutely beautiful wearable art. Find her as “Berniolie” on Facebook (profile pictured above) and Instagram, and shop her stunning patterns on Etsy and Ravelry. I just have to start this feature with a snapshot of my favorite WIP project of hers: a scrappy hexagon piece that caught my eye on Instagram. She is using Scheepjes Invicta Colour yarn, and I love how the color changes are shown off in the pattern. Of course a colorful scrappy hexagon would easily draw my attention! It speaks my language! Color + Geometry = LOVE Then, when I started to follow Bernadette on Instagram, I quickly noticed that she seems to churn our these breathtaking shawls and other wearables, with beautiful lace patterns, each one so unique. Lace has never been my strong suit, and I think that’s what really makes me admire her work. Just check out her Ravelry page. I had to take a screenshot of her designs… What a brilliant collection of shawls! So many patterns to …

Hygge-Chaka: “Hooked” on a feeling!

(Featured photo by Simy Somer) Sing it with me now! Hygge chaka, hygge-hygge-hygge chaka! The #ScheepjesCAL2017 has begun! February 15 marked the day everyone dove hooks first into their BEAUTIFUL Scheepjes Hygge Kits*. It’s also my wedding anniversary, but I am completely disctracted looking through the Hygge Instagram posts… The abundance of showoff photos that I have for you today will really let the Hygge Kits and WIPs shine. Information So this is basically a Hygge photo drool-fest, but first: some info! Browse lush Hygge Kits internationally at*. (I’ve been told these are the most complete CAL Kits ever released!) Hygge CAL creator, Haak Maar Raak, has a blog post with all the important CAL info – including the answer to “what does Hygge mean???” It’s All in a Nutshell – CAL videos! Yessssssssss ❤ Hygge comes in 3 main color packs (see photo at top of post) and a special edition pack, “Danish Mermaid” – swoooooooon! Kit Palettes Full color palettes – yarns are Stone Washed* and Catona* Kit Pics There are some beautiful …

Mark Lawrence

ImageKind Art Gallery Great BIG Canvas Gallery (Beautiful abstract digital art based almost exclusively on Bible verses) Create a crochet piece based on the above artwork using two different 2.5″ squares, one circle in square and one plain solid square.     Gorgeous inspiration for circle-to-square motifs. I really love the one below – what a graphically pleasing layout! Not to mention what could be done with granny squares or variegated yarns: Color palette inspiration is endless! Check out Mark Lawrence online to see his wide variety of artwork, sure to have you pulling yarn palettes and getting your hook ready.  

Instagram user @VanillaLemonCake

Instagram <- visit Jessica’s instagram!! For MAJOR Flat-lay, flowers, natural COLOR inspiration. Feast your eyes… Jessica has a way of finding beauty in nature and perfectly photographing it to share with the rest of us. Browse through beautifully curated hashtags like one of my favorites, her series called #VLCflowersonnapkins And another hashtag that she contributes lovely flat lays to: #natureflatlays – just look at these feathers 😍😍 Plus, she’s been doing this thing lately with pink and yellow that’s REALLY got me inspired… I’ve got sketches of blankets on those sugar-sweet photos already, believe me. Jessica’s IG feed will have you scrolling for hours. Come for the flowers, stay for Sir Teddy the hamster. Lol! I just love that li’l guy 🙂 All of the lovely photos in this Nature inspiration post were selected from Jessica’s IG feed.

Square and Triangle Geometric Art

Above is a paint palette, but wouldn’t it look perfect as a blanket? Incidentally, “wouldn’t that look perfect as a blanket?” are the famous last words for me… After I say that, I spiral down toward a crazy world of wild motif design and unusual yarn color selection. This next painting is begging to be made into a fresh, hip blanket made with two-color granny square motifs. There is a link to a two-color traditional type of granny square on the Fresh Stitches blog, but I suggest you convert it to a solid granny by working the DC into the stitches below, rather than in 3DC groups as you would for a traditional granny square. A solid square would look better for this piece. Then, you would make some pure white squares where there is white space in the painting. I love how this is such a modern design – so unexpected. Below is a painting with a heavenly color choice and placement. Solid granny squares would be perfect here. Geometric Lace blanket inspiration below! 🙂 So if you’re at a loss for color inspiration, do an Internet search …