BQueen Dye Box

Today I dyed yarn for the first time! I couldn’t have fathomed beginning a new hobby like yarn dyeing, but I certainly wanted to at least try it without committing to an expensive slew of new gear. Enter BQueen Collection! 

At you can buy this beautiful kit which includes a hank of yarn and a precious little corked vial of natural dye material.

Here’s a good look at all the items in the Dye Kit. Those are gloves in the paper cup. Safety is important! You have to use a pot that you’ll dedicate solely to your dyeing adventures, and I had just the one.

My Emeril Lagasse pot set is absolutely gorgeous, but alas, the quartage is just not enough for my hungry family of six. So this wee one will be my dye pot!

Before its new job, it was an adornment anyway – on the pot hanger that my husband made for me πŸ™‚ (Idea from

When I used the dye kit, I followed the detailed instructions to the T since I’ve never dyed yarn before. It was so easy! I loved the bubbly process and even enjoyed checking up on it simmering away. And three times my kids asked “what’s for dinner?” before I was able to convince them it was not spaghetti.. 

It came out just beautiful! The yarn color is fantastic – so sunny and even more saturated than in the photo. I couldn’t have asked for a better quickie project! Now I just need to get the monthly dye kit subscription and I’ll be all set. Swoon!!

I think I’ll add more photos when I cake it up and make something with this beauty. For now I’ll be stuck here on Step 8 of the dye instructions: Gawk… Lol just gawk and stare at the yarny beauty. Le sigh..


I couldn’t think of what to make! Then it dawned on me – why not make something I’m currently in love with? My Vibrant Vintage ebook (Social media #VVCAL) squares! 

That goldenrod beauty is “Crystal” and boy does she look lovely in this – ahem – HAND DYED yarn 😊😊😊

Now all I need are 6 more luscious little vials of coloriffic “dyestuff” and 6 hanks of superwash merino and I can make a blanket!!! Oh goodness I’m excited!!