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KnitPicks Palette Yarn

Where to buy: KnitPicks Palette* When you have a winner, you have a winner. I’ve been collecting Palette for a couple years now, ordering when a certain color combo grabs my fancy, and adding the 50g candies to my special Palette Tupperware bin. I just love this yarn. It comes in 150 colors! And it’s a dainty fingering weight with a recommended hook size of teensy, but I use an F hook and sometimes even a G! The yarn has a fuzziness since it’s wool, so you can get away with going up in hook size and not worry about losing stitch structure. Peep some of my Palette lounging in a candid action shot. Honestly you can’t go wrong with your color combo here. And certain shades are delightfully heathered, which I truly love for the added depth it gives the finished piece. Here is some of my Palette stash on the second row down, hanging out with a group of coral and sea junkies. And another pretty group of sweets – my kiddoes at …


KnitPicks Brava Sport

Buy this yarn – HERE* _________________________ This is my first time using my KnitPicks* Brava yarn that I bought eons ago during an email sale promo – gotta love some discount stash enhancement! I chose this palette for kind of a coral + sea glass vibe with navy added in to throw the whole thing off (in a good way). For curious crafters, here are these colors (front to back in the photo above): Marina, Cornflower, Tranquility, Fig, Mint, White, Seashell, Coral, Solstice Heather (the navy) When I got this yarn I was pretty sure it would be like all the other acrylic yarns out there. But it’s so much smoother! If you’re looking for great stitch definition, be sure to use a smaller hook because this yarn is flooooppppy 🙂 It’s very loosey-goosey. But this means the hand is so creamy soft it’s a great trade off. How does it compare to some DK brands? L to R: Woolcraft New Fashion DK, Stylecraft Special DK*, Scheepjes Colour Crafter*, and KnitPicks Brava Sport* Since it is sport weight, you …


Papatya Batik

This gorgeous quality yarn is available at Papatya Batik page I used Papatya Batik and absolutely loved it! It’s so incredibly squishy and soft – I felt in love instantly. And if you think there’s nothing you can do with long color-change yarn like Papatya Batik, you may just need to do some web surfing for inspiration! Check out all the Ravelry projects to get you started! I’m making a top secret project with it 🙂 You’ll find out soon enough! ❤️❤️❤️ I recommend this yarn. Free shipping worldwide, and very good value/pricing. So pretty too! Look at the beautiful collection of colors I got! It only made sense to make a rainbow heart pic 🙂


Shiny Happy Cotton

Made by Wool and the Gang, Shiny Happy Cotton is a fabulous yarn! It is a worsted-aran weight, somewhere in between I’d say. It calls for a smaller hook, but it hurt my wrist to work at that tension with cotton. While I’d normally use a J for worsted or aran, I chose to try out an I size because cotton has a tendency to “bloom” and grow slack with use.  I read some reviews online that said SHC is splitty.. So I’ll say that if you hack away at it with the hook, you can split it, but if you keep even tension and control your movement, you’ll be just fine. The matte color look (despite the name!) is what drew me to this yarn, since most cottons have a heavy sheen. The smoothness,  matte finish, saturated color, and beautiful stitch definition are worth the occasional split of the yarn. And the color range is lovely! While there are currently a limited amount of shades, they are very trendy and off-beat colors like mustard …


BQueen Dye Box

Today I dyed yarn for the first time! I couldn’t have fathomed beginning a new hobby like yarn dyeing, but I certainly wanted to at least try it without committing to an expensive slew of new gear. Enter BQueen Collection!  At you can buy this beautiful kit which includes a hank of yarn and a precious little corked vial of natural dye material. Here’s a good look at all the items in the Dye Kit. Those are gloves in the paper cup. Safety is important! You have to use a pot that you’ll dedicate solely to your dyeing adventures, and I had just the one. My Emeril Lagasse pot set is absolutely gorgeous, but alas, the quartage is just not enough for my hungry family of six. So this wee one will be my dye pot! Before its new job, it was an adornment anyway – on the pot hanger that my husband made for me 🙂 (Idea from When I used the dye kit, I followed the detailed instructions to the T since …