VVCAL – Edging Squares

Every 8 weeks during the VVCAL (as indicated in the weekly schedule on the Main Post) we will edge the granny squares that we’ve made so far with a DC round. You can also do this after you make them every week! I prefer to edge mine in batches.


The pattern to edge your squares is as follows:

Beg DC = (SC, Chain-1)

DC Round: Join new yarn with a slip stitch in any corner SC. In same St as join, (Beg DC, 2DC), **DC in all sts across to corner st, 5DC in corner st, repeat from ** 3 times more, DC across all sts to first corner, 2DC in first corner to complete it. Join with a slip stitch to top of Beg DC and cut yarn/finish off. (104 DC sts total)


What color should I use?

One edging color option is to mix and match from the colors you’re using for your squares like I’ve done below – if you’re using even just 12 balls of Stylecraft Special DK for the squares, you’ll still have enough for all the square edging.

Note: The blanket in progress pictured below is just a quickie I am putting together so I can advance the joining and border instruction for people who are itching for it. My real VVCAL blanket will have a different square-edging yarn because I’m using some funky yarns from my stash! 🙂

Or just use the same color as the square! Don’t break yarn, just continue on to the DC round. Save the time of weaving more ends and preserve a little of the integrity of your piece! Great idea!


Another edging color option is to edge the squares in only one color, as seen in this beautiful screenshot image from a fellow CAL participant on Instagram:

Here is my joining color – a couple shades (one white, one cream) of acrylic yarn with a variegated ply running through it. It’s slightly thicker than my square yarn, so I went down a hook size. It’s coming out great! Loving the denim yarn look. 


You can edge your squares with any color! Or you actually don’t need to edge them at all. The join and border will work with any size squares, as long as the stitch counts on the squares are identical to each other.

Have fun!