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Cottage Quilt: NEW Pattern


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Pattern includes:

Motif and half-motif (flower hexagon)

How to join hexagons using my method

Striped corner

Lace border

Instructions to increase blanket size from 28×34″ to any dimensions


I’ve always had a huge love for hexagons, but the Cottage Quilt pattern idea came about when three thought paths crossed each other in my mind.:

1) I started getting obsessed with making half-hexagon motifs.

2) Designing crochet blankets that resemble quilts was a big creative outlet for me.

3) The incredible @sewrayme ( Instagram feed made me fall in love with floral fabric paired with stripes. <3

So, this design was born! It took me about a year to finally put it all together and it went through a lot of back-to-the-drawing-board phases before I could really write the pattern. Now, all I want to do is add a striped corner on all my hex designs!

This pattern will show you how to add a striped corner to any hexagon blanket if you make the “corner cutout” using half-hexes as the pattern teaches. Have fun with it! The last photo at the bottom of this post shows how you can even make a little “sample” to test hexagon motifs and stripe patterns.




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