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Cottontail Blanket Free Pattern

My Cottontail Blanket patterns calls for a super squishy bulky yarn – Scheepjes Roma Big* – which is worked up into a cute and simple piece featuring rows of plush bobbles that look like little bunny tails.  All of these gorgeous photos and the sweet blanket are by the talented Iris Dongo of  See all related posts for more info!  The free pattern is available on Ravelry in PDF format – Go get the pattern, and have fun! 😁❤️❤️ Free Pattern available on Advertisements


Cottontail Blanket FO Reveal

Iris Dongo of Southern Belle Crochet fame (IG: @southernbellecrochet) – a fabulous member of the Tester Tribe – has finished testing the Cottontail Blanket! And just in time for Easter, too! She did an absolutely wonderful job photographing the project along the way. Could it be because she runs her own photography business with her husband? Just maybe! All of the beautiful photos in this post were taken by Iris. Enjoy ❤❤ Cottontail has been brewing in my idea bank for about six months. As soon as I laid eyes on the yarn, I knew it was destined for bobbles. It’s a super bulky yarn, so those are some seriously plush bunny tails!  And the beautiful thing about working with super bulky yarn? The speed… I cannot believe that the pile of Roma Big yarn* went from that pic above…. to this (heart eyesss!): And finally to THIS beauty! In such a short time!  It’s a fast and cozy make. Iris agreed with me that it’s so soft and squishy! Her words! Hehe What a cozy piece, …

Starting something fun and bobbly! 

When I got this Scheepjes Roma Big*  yarn back in about October of last year, I knew it was destined for greatness. It became a super fun project for my upcoming book (!)  And I ended up having quite a bit left over! So what’s a girl to do?? Write another pattern of course! Something bobbly this way comes… and just in time for Easter! Cottontail Blanket is in full swing, being worked up by Tester Tribe member Iris Dongo, of Southern Belle Crochet fame (@southernbellecrochet on Instagram). Iris is also a talented photographer – as you can see in her three WIP photos below – which is handy when you want to show off your impeccable crochet work.   This is some seriously chunk yarn, and those bobbles are so squishy! I worked up a sample before Iris got started, so even though she’s miles away in Kentucky, I can almost feel the squish of these blocks in her pic below. My favorite WIP shot! ❤❤ I get giddy when my Testers share their progress pics …