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Finally using my StoneWashed and RiverWashed XL Cutie Pie Colour Pack!

I already can’t wait to show you all what I’ve designed for this pack. Hint: it’s an incredibly easy, but so beautiful project. but first, let me spoil you with pics of this Colour Pack by Scheepjes.

This Colour Pack is destined to become the fifth Relaxghan in the series of  six free crochet blankets designed with peace in mind. See links below for all that info!

The blanket will be called “Let it Go” – as all of the blankets have a relaxation theme, and sometimes we have extra “stuff” we are carrying around and we really need to just take a deep breath and let it go…

Information (All the deets!)

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Design Direction

These tiny 15g colors are completely gorgeous, and incite inspiration like you would not believe. I actually got going on the shop sample for this design and finished it all in one day except for the border. I could not stop picking up those teeny skeins and using them up! I popped a podcast on my phone, and got rolling. Since this is a no-waste project, in the spirit of my No-Waste 2018 mentality, I am using the motif remnants to create the border.

Think of the photo above as the “before photo” lol – and scroll down to see the after photo… I won’t reveal the blanket today, as the pattern is not quite done, but check out a sneak peek below!


During the WIP creation process, I got through a ton of the skeins and decided I better take  photo before I was all done. That’s how quick it went!


Here’s that “after photo” lol – I felt so energized by working this blanket so quickly.

Total side note: Working this quickly reminds me of my custom blanket days, when I used to create 2 blankets per week. Still can’t believe I made over 300 custom blankets in the 4 years that I did custom work. It was a wonderful time making blankets that I knew people all around the world would be snuggling under. But I was really pleased to expand my business to designing blankets full time. I do have a few ready to ship pieces available these days, but it’s just the shop samples, AKA blanket design prototypes.


Back to these little yarn balls. Storing the yarn remnants like this is optional, but highly encouraged – it’s just a cute overload! The future of these cutie pies is to be tied together and used for the blanket border. Amazing! I can’t wait to show you all 🙂

Happy crafting!

Rachele C.


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  1. They are like a tray of pretty desserts just waiting to be enjoyed! The colours are wonderful and the sneak peek at your new blanket is very enticing. I know I keep saying this, but I need to find a way to sleep less and crochet more. 🙂

    • Too funny!! Every time I bring this box to my daughter’s gymnastics class, someone thinks it’s pizza or a cookie cake 😁😁😁 nope – even better! Haha a rainbow!! ❤️

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