Magic Carpet: A Weird Phenomenon

This post is about an awkwardly constructed magic carpet that I made one time about four years ago, which would turn out to become one of my most requested custom items… 

If you guys have ever had a project that you didn’t think was that great but it got a lot of online attention, then you know what I mean. 

Here is the very first “magic carpet” I ever made. (Caution, blurry iPhone 3 photo ahead) 

It was actually my first Etsy sale ever! After I posted that small blanket (it was for a cat!) I got a request to make one that looked like the famous one from Aladdin. I took it as a challenge and came up with this:

Fast forward to four years later, and I have made 34 of these baa-aa-a-ad boys 😂 I made a collage ordered from oldest to newest for your viewing pleasure! 

It turns out the reason one might want a magic carpet can be pretty neat! One of the larger ones was made for a guy whose boyfriend was a gymnast in a traveling stage production of Aladdin, and the tiny carpets are bottom right of the collage above were used to decorate tables at a quinceañera! So cute! Others were made as photo props or room decor, and others as lovies for wee ones. They were all a blast to make!

You can kind of see the slight differences I made in the design over time. There aren’t 34 in that collage because at one point, I felt like folks were growing tired of me documenting these identical pieces. But one thing is for sure, I got a zillion requests for the pattern over the years! Eventually, I wrote an extremely bare-bones guide, showing how I start with a granny, turn it on a diamond, square the corners, etc. 

In about Summer of 2015 I officially stopped taking custom orders, but I do accept the occasional order, and today I received a custom order for a 40×50″ Magic Carpet!! I took the order just so I could officially write up the pattern for you guys. Maybe you can make use of it! 

You can use any yarn. I have a high-variety stash that includes several brands of light worsted weight yarn – even a vintage Caron Simply Soft – acquired at a neighborhood garage sale! Oo la-la! But seriously you can use anything… the RugMan would be honored to be constructed with materials from all corners of the globe. All you need are 3 shades of blue, 3 shades of purple (I like red-purple for this project, as opposed to blue-purple), and a maroon. 

……And then there’s the gold. 1-2 shades which really have to be a shiny golden yarn in order to complete the magic carpet look. A plain yellow won’t really work. Caron Simply Soft is very shiny, but I always use Yarn Bee “Soft Secret” for this purpose, which you can buy from Hobby Lobby. There are two shades that are absolutely perfect. Choose Haystack for a bright, soft yellow (my most used):

Or choose Honey for a darker look:

I’ve even used both together as I am for this project, and it always comes out great. 

If you want to buy all new yarn, I’d suggest a durable yarn with good color variety like KnitPicks Brava Sport. I’ve written a review of this yarn if you’d like to see more.

Get your yarn prepared, and stay tuned for the Magic Flying Carpet pattern release tomorrow, June 22! ❤️❤️

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    • Yes! Waxing nostalgia for this post made me totally miss the warm fuzzies of custom work. The best part about it for me was knowing folks would be snuggling under one of my blankets. I miss it!! Thanks for the kind word 🙂