My Blanket Stack

Magic Flying Carpet Pattern

Find this pattern on Craftsy, Ravelry, and LoveKnitting (soon)! 

This magic flying carpet will brighten anyone’s day! And the pattern is interesting enough that you’ll be just as happy to make it as you will to gift it. 

Blanket measures 38x52in without tassels. Work in DK weight yarn and smaller hooks for a smaller blanket.

Read more about this unique piece and the yarn you can use at the FO Reveal post ❤️

Enjoy this pattern you guys! I have made 35 of these during the 3-4 years that I did custom work, and each one was special. I know yours will be too!


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  1. Thank you it’s beautiful. I am a big fan of your work, and yes I have finally made a blanket\afghan for me only took 50 years lol. I just designed it on the fly and actually love it. I was going to use my Schjes wool but decided to use Caron simply soft. Thank you and i look forward to buying your book. Kindest regards Lorraine