Featured Artist: Bernadette Ambergen

Bernaette Ambergen is a textile artist who designs and creates some absolutely beautiful wearable art. Find her as “Berniolie” on Facebook (profile pictured above) and Instagram, and shop her stunning patterns on Etsy and Ravelry.

I just have to start this feature with a snapshot of my favorite WIP project of hers: a scrappy hexagon piece that caught my eye on Instagram. She is using Scheepjes Invicta Colour yarn, and I love how the color changes are shown off in the pattern. Of course a colorful scrappy hexagon would easily draw my attention! It speaks my language! Color + Geometry = LOVE

Then, when I started to follow Bernadette on Instagram, I quickly noticed that she seems to churn our these breathtaking shawls and other wearables, with beautiful lace patterns, each one so unique. Lace has never been my strong suit, and I think that’s what really makes me admire her work. Just check out her Ravelry page. I had to take a screenshot of her designs… What a brilliant collection of shawls!

So many patterns to choose from! I selected three of my favorites to highlight today.

First up: Dalena. Wowzers! This one is so fun and fiery. With a different look from every angle, I had to include the different photos down below. I have the Scheepjes Maxi Bonbon yarn for this, and it’s calling me from my stash!

Next: Noor. I love the glamorous effect of creating this piece in a bright turquoise. The simple stitching and blocks of different patterning make for a real stunner. And those points at the ends! Swoon!

Lastly, my favorite: Sammy. This eye-catching piece speaks to me because of the juxtaposition of the solid stripes and the open lace. I am a huge fan of mixing visual patterning in my work (as they say “more is more, and less is a bore”), so I especially appreciate this gorgeous shawl. These are again from the Scheepjes Invicta lines. I may just do some stash enhancement – maybe there’s a Sammy in my future!

With all of my crochet works, you would think I’d have made a shawl or two, but would you believe I’ve never made one? My blanket obsession is greedy and fierce… but Bernadette’s work is leading me to search blocking boards, pins, and these yarns to get started on my first wearable art piece. Thank you, Bernadette, for all your crafty endeavors and accomplishments! 🙂 Hope you find a few minutes to browse her works and get inspired!