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Kitty Hexagon Blanket: Free Pattern


Follow this pattern to make a Hello Kitty silhouette hexagon to mix in with your Geometric Lace pattern hexes. (What a creative and fresh way to use this pattern!) Make it in Scheepjes Colour Crafter for a wide variety of colors and a super snuggly blanket.

Since this is a hexagon adaptation of the Hello Kitty Granny Square Chart, you will need to reference that pattern online. You can search “Hello Kitty Crochet Chart” online, and find the chart on several blogs, or for quick reference, I have saved it below..


Here is my cat face ๐Ÿ™‚ย  For the hexagon addition to work, you need to be sure you have 4 “forehead” stitches, and 6 stitches total for each ear – 3 “up the ear” and 3 “across the ear.”


Locate the stitch to the right of the four “forehead” stitches. My hook is through that stitch in the photo below.


Attach yarn and (SC, Chain 2, Treble, Chain 1, DC) all in that stitch.



DC in 4 “forehead” stitches, and all in next stitch: (DC, Chain 1, 2Treble) – cut yarn and finish off.


Attach yarn in the chain 1 space over right cat earย as seen in photo below. All in chain 1 space: (SC, Chain 2, HDC), HDC in following 6 DC, (HDC,ย Chain 1, DC)ย in next chain space.


HDC, SC – now you need to look at your cat ear, and see the spot where you have your left most color stitches. skip 2 SC from that spot, and SC in the next stitch. Essentially, you are working SC in the 4th ear stitch from the forehead.

See below that this SC draws the Trebles against the top of the ear. This allows the ear to maintain its pointy shape.

2SC, HDC, (DC, Chain 1, DC) in next stitch.


HDC, SC, 2SC in one stitch, SC, HDC, (DC, Chain 1, DC)


6DC across bottom edge of cat head, (DC, Chain 1, DC) in next stitch, HDC, SC, 2SC in one stitch, SC, HDC, (DC, Chain 1, DC)


HDC, 4SC (again, 3 on ear, 1 on Treble – which is the top chain in this case (see below)), HDC, join with a slip stitch in chain located above first SC of round.


All in chain 1 space: (SC, Chain 2, DC). **DC in all stitches across to next chain 1 space. (DC, Chain 1, DC) in chain 1 space. Repeat from ** 4 more times. Continue on final side to beginning corner, and join with a slip stitch in chain located directly above the beginning SC of the round.

Your hexagon is complete! This can be paired with a Geometric Lace style hexagon, but you’ll need to add an extra round to your plain hexes as seen in these photos.


My blanket is a Disney World parade sitting mat, so it is made thicker than my standard blanket, and it is also narrower. This measures 30×60″ with border. The color palette is cased on the Tremaine family – Cinderella’s step-family – and so the colors are Aqua, Lime, Hot Pink, and Red. The cat featured in the hexagons is Lucifer, Lady Tremaine’s pet cat. ๐Ÿ™‚

Join your hexagons following the Geometric Lace pattern, or any way you’d like!


I started out joining my hexagons according to the Geometric Lace pattern, but since I have a grey “background” around the hexagons, I decided to test out a hexagon continuous join.

Where my red crochet hook is pointing, you can see the spot that I converted to the continuous join.

Never fear as I will be documenting this join in great detail in a different post, but I wanted to show my progress photos here to plant the seed of creativity!

Run with it! Have fun with it! Or just wait for the pattern – hehe





Working more solid hexies to fill those gaps! I’ll add finished photos of the blanket when I’m done with that shoot.

For now, enjoy these bright colors! Sensational!


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    • I used a size I hook for worsted weight even though I usually use a J or K.. I used a smaller hook because I wanted a thicker fabric since this is a blanket to lay on the floor and sit on for parade watching ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ

  1. Did you ever do a write up for the joining of these? I purchased your geometric lace pattern and really wanted this join for them but can’t seem to locate it on your site. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

    • Hi, there! This was so long ago, but I actually think I photographed the process and never got around to writing the pattern.. I searched for a blog post and never found one, but I did get a start on a continuous join as you go for hexagons. Here is that link:

      And the diagram is there for you to follow, you’ll just use the join from the GeoLace pattern instead of the granny type join in the tutorial. If you’ve done CJAYG before, you already know that it’s just a “path” that you follow in a continuous line until you’ve made your way back to the starting point. Any joining stitch can be used.

      I hope it helps a little! Meanwhile, I’ll look through my laptop to see if I can find those photos and make a new tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy crafting!
      Rachele C.