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Daily Mood Blanket 2014


Here are my daily moods of 2014 by month. I am using the Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts collection of Pantone Matching System colors – visual aid here – to select my mood color.

January || February || March || April

May || June || July || August

September || October || November || December

* * * * *

Layout, square pattern, and joining info:

When I saw that the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 project was circulating around Instagram, I felt its strong gravitational pull. Now, there are over 700 people who have signed up to make a blanket that reflects their changing moods through the year. What a wonderful idea this has been! Thank you IG user @mummy_stacey for your work organizing this project. For more information on how color relates to mood (lots of links!), and to join up with the daily mood blanket group, please check out my previous post “Color and Your Mood.”

Essentially, for this project I will be creating a square each day with a yarn color that represents my mood. I’ll be joining them to make a big blanket with 365 squares, and at the end, I’ll marvel at the way that my fluctuating mood is visually represented in my warm and personal piece. All of that sweet emotion of creativity sort of mellowed out when I started to think logistics…

What would my layout look like? How could I make it obvious what this project was about? I knew I wanted to somehow represent a calendar-like display, so that I could easily determine my mood phases and even recall important events over the year and how they made me feel.

After a lot of thought, I decided on the layout below which I created in Excel. I will have 30 days per month (lending January 31 and March 1 to February to complete the 30), which means I’ll have 360 squares – 5 days of “vacation” from the project. Each month, I will join squares as I go, then join the months together with a white border.


Now to choose a square pattern. I initially wanted to go for a traditional granny square patchwork blanket, but my thoughts very quickly started moving toward something closer to a makeup palette box like this one sold on


So, I got to work on my idea! Below is my first attempt. I used DK weight yarn and a size H 5mm hook. It came out a bit too thick, and I was worried that if I had any DK yarn brand that was a little heavier, I would be in trouble with a super thick square. I ended up going to an I 5.5mm hook – much better!


Here is the pattern that I used. It is based on my free Trampoline Block pattern ( I used only the first two rounds of the solid square in my selected mood color.

Solid Granny Square pattern (no holes)

Rnd1: Magic Loop and work Sc, Ch2, 3Dc, (Tr, 3Dc) 3 times join in top chain of Ch2.

Rnd2: (Sc, Ch2, 2Dc) all in joining St, Dc across all Sts to corner Tr. *(2Dc, Tr, 2Dc) in corner Tr, Dc across all Sts to corner St* 3 times. 2Dc in corner Tr to complete first corner, and join in top chain. Cut yarn and finish off

Then switch to your background color and join with a slip stitch in the back loop of any corner Tr.

Rnd3: (SC, chain 1, 2Hdc) all in corner Tr. Hdc in all DC across through back loop only. *(2Hdc, Dc, 2Hdc) in corner Tr, Hdc across all Sts to corner St* 3 times. 2DC in beginning corner Tr to complete first corner, and join in top chain. Cut yarn and finish off.

Please scroll further for joining instructions!



Joining your squares:

I prefer to join the squares as I go, because I feel like they will get out of order or lost if I don’t. I also work in the ends as I go, that way I don’t have the daunting task of weaving hundreds of ends at the end, which would undoubtedly lead to this project becoming an unfinished WIP… I will be using my BabyLove Brand “Mini-Twist Join” I use this variations of this join in my Geometric Lace and Gumball blanket patterns (Etsy/Ravelry).

Start with your finished square, all ends woven in.


Join your background yarn with a slip stitch to any corner, through back loop only. Below, I show you where to put your hook for the corner stitch, so that the back loop doesn’t get too stretched out (since you will be making 5 stitches in that one loop for the corner). You can see that the hook is through the back loop, but also through an additional loop that lies just below at the back. Feel free to crochet into both of these loops for all stitches around, but I really feel it’s only necessary to do it in the corners.


Here is what your square will look like with the background yarn joined on with a slip stitch.


(Sc, chain 2, 2Hdc) all in corner loops, (Hdc in all Dc across to corner Tr, (2Hdc, Dc, Hdc) in next corner loops. Release the loop from the hook. In the picture below, I have not yet worked the final Hdc in this step.


Insert your hook through both loops of the first Hdc of the completed piece.. This stitch is indicated below where the hook is. You can also see that the I have put the loop back on the hook at this point because next you need to pull that loop through the stitch.


Once you pull that loop through, you will make 2Hdc and repeat the join by releasing the loop, inserting the hook in the corresponding stitch on the completed motif, placing the loop back on the hook, pulling the loop through, and continuing on. Please join on every second Hdc across to the Tr corner stitch. Below, you can see where I have joined because there is a little diagonal stitch running across both pieces. This join resembles a little twist.


Weave ends and Ta-da! 🙂



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  1. Thank you! I am doing the weather on a daily basis instead of mood and was perplexed as to how to set out the end product. I like your idea of months with some vacation days so it’s only 360. Love your graph and will copy it thanks!