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The Creative Mind: Which type are you?

With 7 billion (as of 2012) people on the planet, sometimes it feels like there are 7 billion different personalities… As it turns out though, as speculated by Carl Jung, there are just 16 unique personality types, and once you figure out which personality type you are, your life will make a lot more sense. Have you ever felt… different? I actually believe that every single person has felt different than those around them on some level at some point (introverts and extroverts alike), but knowing your Jung Personality Type unlocks key information about yourself that you were unable to fully understand before. My Jung journey started when I was shocked to find out that my Crochet Mood Blanket (January 2014 post) had very serious colors – pales and darks – instead of the tropical rainbow brights that I generally consider my “soul colors” (or colors with which I feel most comfortable). It seemed that while I dress in brights, and I work with mostly brights, my insides are seriously lacking in saturation… What a total shock to me! …


Color and Your Mood

My interest in how color and mood are related began long ago when I put a quarter in a machine, turned the knob, and out popped the ring that would turn my finger green for weeks to come: the mood ring. So mysterious! So accurate! So adjustable! Read more about your favorite 70s fad on wikipedia, at, or buy a dozen for yourself and all your friends here! Below, you can see my favorite online visual for colors and the moods commonly associated with them. It is from Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts, and you can read a very detailed related article on the fabulous here. I love how there are so many colors! Here is another pretty graphic outlining some color moods. In the newly emerging 2014, a big chunk of the online crochet community will be paying special attention to the relationship between mood and color, because of a wonderful project started by Instagram user Mummy_Stacey. Here are some links related to the “Crochet Mood Blanket 2014” project: Mummy_Stacey Instagram feed Interested in the project? …