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Rebecca Möbius Scarf FO Reveal!

You might remember a while back I was playing around with a new cake of Scheepjes Whirl in BlueBerry Bambam, and decided to make a beaded scarf. Check out my review of Whirl for all the details! Well that scarf turned into the Rebecca Möbius Scarf, named after my 10 year-old because she ended up loving the blue colorway.  I pre-strung the beads, and worked alternating from the inside and the outside of the cake. It was surprisingly easy after my tester, Andrea Grimaldi (@ndrgrmld on Instagram) gave me a tip: pull the center end one way, and unwind the outside end toward the opposite direction. This way they never meet and won’t tangle! Brilliant! 😁 Here is my Rebecca Möbius Scarf as modeled by its namesake. The color changes of Whirl with the striping has me absolutely giddy, and the beads give it that added touch. But the beads aren’t 100% necessary and it looks awesome without them! Just ask Andrea – she tested the pattern with the Green Tea Tipple colorway without the …