Dutch Rose Crochet Blanket

Dutch Rose pattern (Ravelry)

You Can Crochet This! – Dutch Rose Crochet Blanket Pattern

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Dutch Rose is a piece that is near and dear to my heart. It is the perfect embodiment of the type of blanket that I love to design. Elegant rose hexagons get cozy with granny stripe hexagons, and a clever striped corner, only to be set off by a gorgeous lace border. Heavenly!

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If you’d rather cut right to the chase, or you just want to support my tiny fiber art empire, you can also find the Happy Little Tree Crochet Blanket Pattern in an ad-free, easy to print PDF for a small fee on the following sites:

Ravelry // Craftsy // Etsy // LoveCrochet.com

PDF version includes written and charted instruction and is condensed for ease of printing, so step-by-step photo instruction and video links are omitted.


Here are the 14 colors of Stone Washed I used (1 ball each)

  • Yarn A: 804
  • Yarn B: 814
  • Yarn C: 810
  • Yarn D: 832
  • Yarn E: 830
  • Yarn F: 831
  • Yarn G: 812
  • Yarn H: 809
  • Yarn I: 829
  • Yarn J: 815
  • Yarn K: 818
  • Yarn L: 819
  • Yarn M: 813
  • Yarn N: 803


This blanket measures about 36x45in when finished and blocked.

Motif measures about 7.5in at widest point, before blocking


Pattern Instructions

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