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Dutch Rose: The hygge is strong with this one

Major update: I’ve decided to turn this piece into a full on CAL – read more here!


I do my best work in the early morning. It’s when I’m thinking clearly, there’s peace and quiet, a cup of coffee, and me and my graph paper.

A few days ago, I finished a huge project and I wanted to have some “play time.” Scheepjes | Stone Washed was calling me, but what would I make? A granny square starting to form in front of me, but I frogged it… nope. Not a granny square, but something just as comforting to me, if not more so. A hexagon.

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I began with my hexie roots: the first round from Geometric Lace, and then just took it from there, frogging back to change little things until I had it just right.

Then to name it!! I had many many suggestion from my IG and FB friends to call it something like “Water Lily” – which is super lovely! But I was feeling the grounded dirt earth feels on this one, and I’ll save the water name for a future project.

So what did I name her?? Dutch Rose! And the more hexies I worked, the cozier I felt. Also: peep that palette ❤️❤️

This was really turning into something! But my heart was telling me… “needs more hygge.” I had a strong, strong urge to up the “coze-factor.” When my design heart wants me to make a decision, I cannot help myself, even when I know it may not be the popular opinion, I must be true to my art! 🙂

So here is the “plot twist” that I was talking about (well it’s the first plot twist.. there’s another one coming up!)

In this case, I think I’ll add instruction in the pattern to make it in all Rose squares… Just for the folks who end up scratching their heads over the granny hex addition 🙂

But the granny squares allowed me to use multiple color rounds, which I was craving with this palette, and it also adds to the cozy, big time. I used another hexie piece of mine, Painted Hexagons, and improved upon it to make these granny motifs.

Another cool thing: there are half motifs for the rose hex and the granny hex, so you could make a full blanket with either motif!

Le sigh – these colors make my heart flutter.

And it’s really the tweedy nature of Stone Washed, and the frilly rose petals, plus the dusty colors that made this piece feel so incredibly comforting.

I have one more plot twist. If you know my work really really well, you will not be the least bit surprised! You may already be able to tell what I’m going to do, by looking closely at the blanket shape.

But you’ll have to stay tuned… I have the pattern coming soon!

Happy crafting,

Rachele C.

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  1. I have no idea how I found you but as a Dutchie with a craning for Scheepjes I love what you’re creating!! Can’t wait to see the pattern arriving, you’re truly an artist with this Scheepjes stonewashed👍

    • Oh my goodness thank you so much! It’s nice to meet you and I’m so pleased you’re enjoying Dutch Rose so far! ❤️❤️

  2. Hello Rachele, this design sings to me, it’s so calming. I thing I’m guessing what you’ll do next with it, I’m nit saying, I’ll wait and see.
    Cheers Maggie

    • Haha yes we shall see, Miss Maggie!! Within the next couple of days 😁😁 I’m so pleased that you like it ❤️

  3. Hi there another Maggie and Im guessing – some kind of garment maybe. Its gorgeous – and I love the quirky almost grannies.

    • Thank you!! I’m working on it a bit slowly now but should be releasing it next week 🙂 ❤️❤️

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