Chain Stitch Statement Necklace

You Can Crochet This! Chain Stitch Statement Necklace


The Chain Stitch Statement Necklace is a free pattern written specifically to help absolute crochet beginners practice the chain stitch, comfortably hold the hook and yarn, learn to maintain even tension, and more.


  • Scheepjes River Washed XL (affiliate), or a comparable chunky yarn that’s a bit funky, since it is a statement necklace!
  • Size 5.0mm hook, or the hook that your yarn ball suggests

Stitch Description (US Terms)

  • ch chain

Written Instruction

Make a slip knot, and chain until your 50g, 75m of yarn is completely made into chain stitches. Do not worry about different size chains here – large, loose chains mixed in with tighter chains will only give the necklace more character. When about 6in of yarn remains, pull the yarn through the last chain stitch and pull it tight to secure it. Wind the chain into a ball as you go, so it doesn’t get tangled up. This is great to work on when you’re on the go!

Determine the length you want your necklace. Be sure you can slip it over your head. Begin loosely laying the chain length into a circle/oval approximately that size. Do not worry if you are making slightly larger or smaller circles – it will still look great! Stop winding circles when you have about 24in of chain left, and make sure the start of the 24in is at the top of the circle, meeting up with the beginning of the chain, as shown below.

Begin to tightly wrap the 24in of chains around the entire necklace, keeping wraps close together, and being sure to encase the beginning of the necklace to hide it.

When the 6in tail remains, insert the hook from right to left through the wrapped portion, hook the tail, and draw it into the wrapped portion to secure it. Alternatively, you may use the 6in tail to knot around the necklace to secure it, then cut the excess off.

Video Instruction

Left-handed Video Instruction is coming!

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Learn to Crochet, Level 1 Table of Contents:

  • Introduction and prepare materials
  • Learn to Crochet, Step 1: First stitches to learn
  • Learn to Crochet, Step 2: Work single crochet flat, or “back-and-forth”
    • Video includes making a turning chain, and how to count your chains
    • Bonus: Maintain even tension without working too loose or too tight.
    • Practice Project: You Can Crochet This! Linen Stitch Washcloth
  • Learn to Crochet, Step 3: Work single crochet “in the round”
    • Make a ring
    • Join the round
    • Slip stitch
    • Bonus: Make increases to create a flat circle.
    • Practice Project: You Can Crochet This! SC Circle Facial Scrubbie