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Can I re-learn how to knit?? Plus my new WIP..

Before I jump into this fun story, go take a look at my new Yarn Shop page! That’s right, I’m working to open up my own yarn shop stocking Scheepjes Yarns for US customers. For now, you can get your hands on exclusive yarn&pattern kits – go check it out – I’ll wait here. ——————————— You back? Okay let’s settle in, where was I? Ah yes… once upon a time, I was a knitter. Surprised?? I actually started out my fiber arts journey as a knitter when I was in college. It wasn’t a whole lot different from now, as I was knitting every day with no end in sight, even sometimes cutting class to knit (sorry mom!). Knit and crochet were in the beginnings of making their comeback and us gals would meet at a cafe on campus and stitch the afternoon away. I made a ton of camis, sweaters, and cardigans, and I even made a blanket! Well, the beginnings of a blanket lol… These mitered squares were found at the bottom of …