VVCAL Reboot – Edging Our Squares

Hi, everyone! I wanted to take a quick moment to share something that may be useful to some folks who are participating in the 2018 VVCAL reboot. There have been some questions about the edging on our squares, because many of my demo photos include an edging around every square.

Well, later on in the CAL, when we are all done with the squares, we will edge them in a different color. This is entirely optional, so you can leave your squares as they are, or you can add the edging. The blanket border will be written so that it fits on any blanket size, so it doesn’t matter whether you edge your squares or not. Just personal preference.

Wondering if you should edge your squares?

Here are a few examples of how your blanket will look if you edge, vs. if you don’t. In my opinion, there are three options:

    1. Edge your squares using all different colors.
    2. Edge your squares using the same color throughout.
    3. Don’t edge your squares at all.

And you can see an example here of how it looks on the individual square.


Some folks have asked me if I can share the square edging ahead of time, so that they may begin edging the squares. Sure!

Note: If you are using one of the two suggested color palettes in the VVCAL – the Warm Neutrals palette, or the Pastel Chic palette, then simply edge your squares with a different color than the square itself, being sure to save the 5 main color balls for the joining and border.

VVCAL Square Edging

Rnd 1 Using edging color, ss in any corner st, beg dc in same st, (ch2, 2dc in same st, dc in all sts to next corner, dc in corner st) 4 times omitting final st, ss in beg dc. [100 dc, 4 sp]

Rnd 2 (3sc in corner sp, sc in all sts across to next corner) 4 times, ss in first sc, cut yarn. [112 sc]

Hope you enjoy!

Happy crafting, y’all,

Rachele C.