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Super Sweet Strawberry & Cherry Birthday Cake

My youngest daughter, Cecilia, celebrating her fifth birthday this weekend, asked me for a “vanilla cake, with strawberry frosting, with cherries on top”… And who am I to refuse?! Yellow cake is tough to make for me because it’s always come out dry in the past. I searched for a recipe that stated it was decidedly *not* dry, and I came across one called “David’s Yellow Cake,” – LINK HERE – and after reading through reviews, I thought it looked perfect! Okay, so I did make a couple of changes as some reviewers gave tips, but other than that I followed the methods to a T as I know it’s all in the name of moist cake.  Check out my room temp butter and sugar whipped up – YES I am holding this bowl up at a 90 degree angle!! And it’s barely slipping down slowly… I spent about 3-4 min beating with a hand-held mixer.  Below, check out the eggs beaten in one at a time! I followed advice and used 4 yolks and …


Cherry-Chocolate-Almond Coffee Cake

Get ready to bake this drop-everything-and-bake cherry cake! I used this recipe from my most trusted baking blog Sally’s Baking Addiction – hers calls for raspberries which is what I used the first time I made it! Delish! But I just had to make it again and I used up the berries.. So I turned to those cans of cherry filling in the pantry. πŸ™‚ I cut the sugar back to only 1/4 cup since the cherries are sweeter than the raspberry, and there’s sugar in the streusel as well. So here’s my cherries, after I rinsed all the sweet syrup off, plus batter and streusel. Not pictured is the bag of chocolate chips that my kids keep dipping their hands into… I followed Sally’s instruction perfectly as I’m not yet comfortable enough to “wing it” with cakes like how I’ve gotten with cookies. Speaking of cookies, see those gorgeous chocolatey giants below?! I baked them for my eldest daughter’s school carnival and oh boy they turned out great. I’ll make that my next Sunday …


Easy Cherry Pie

My kids luuuurve cherry pie and for whatever reason I don’t bake it that often, so when I do… They go nuts! I wanted to surprise them with it today, which means a special Friday edition of Sunday Baking. Don’t worry, I’m making banana bread on Sunday – woof! There are plenty of great recipes with lemon juice, made-from-scratch crust, corn starch, and plenty other ingredients that I’d gladly use in a cake or cookie recipe.  Why do I insist on making pie with pre-made everything?! I don’t know, but it comes out delish and that’s what counts…  I use 2 cans of Green Leaf Premium cherry filling/topping, and Marie Callender’s 9″ ready made crust.  ******* Pop 1 crust in the pie plate, dump cherry cans in, *add 1 tsp almond extract and mix around*  Plop top crust down, easing edges together, brush some milk overtop, sprinkle brown sugar, poke slits with a knife Bake at 425F, for about 35-40min ******* I like the browned crust – so yum! Here’s my slice! Shared with li’l …