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2018 Goal: Stack of Blankets

You guys… people are sharing their stacks of blankets… and I’m going slowly insane. More on that later, but first! I searched Instagram tags #crochetblanketstack and #blanketstack — Loooooook…. I preserved the IG name in the crop so you can go have a scroll! From pastel above to bright below, these stacks are giving me all the feels.  One of my crochet BFFs, Tester Tribe member, and overall amazing human, Gwen – @StitchGwen. Omg this stack is so jewelly and beautiful. Bonus crochet footstool cover ❤️❤️ One of my favorite IG feeds, and this photo is over a year old, but wow! You can scroll the @kikalite feed all the way down and it’s nothing but gold. Eeeeep!! Look at this cozy stack!! Honestly this is goals. WendiCrocheter is like the best. Have you seen her embroidery floss mandala by the way? Yes… embroidery floss. Just wow! But back to this blanket stack, it’s not hard to see that she loves two things: details and pastels. This next photo is like the “Where’s Waldo?” of …