Dutch Rose CAL

Welcome to the Dutch Rose CAL (crochet-along). I’m glad to have you! Wondering what this project is all about? Read on!

Important dates

Dutch Rose is an ultra cozy blanket which consists of four unique motifs whipped stitched together, with an optional level-10-cozy striped corner added in, and a nice lacy border to finish it off. The flexible layout and interesting mix of stitches means this pattern design lends itself well to a CAL format, and you all showed so much love for this piece on social media that I decided to go for it! Yay!

Related hashtags that I’ll be following on Instagram and Facebook:

#DutchRoseBlanket, #DutchRoseBlanketCAL, and as always #CypressTextiles

PS – It’s been 2 years now since I hosted the VVCAL and it was so much fun (over 4k members in the FB group, and still growing – folks are still sharing their WIPs!), I can’t wait for this one! Squeeee!

I’ll be updating this page as we go along, but here’s what I have so far! 🙂

How do I join?

Easy peasy! Follow these 3 steps:

Step 1

Download the Dutch Rose PDF pattern – free on Ravelry, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting (Coming shortly) And choose your layout, yarn, and color palette (more info below). Choose yarn and get ready for February 12 – the official Dutch Rose CAL start date!

Note: This pattern is being translated to Dutch by my friend Iris van Meer! If you’d like the Dutch version, head to her site!

Step 2

Join the CypressTextiles Tree Huggers Facebook group – closed to keep out spam, but I’ll quickly approve you in. This will be our headquarters. Show progress pics, ask questions, get inspired!

Step 3

Show some LOVE! Here are some ways to give me a big warm hug:

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Planning your blanket

I have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to plan your piece. One element I loved about the Vibrant Vintage CAL I hosted in 2016 is that there was such a wide variety of different blanket layouts and color palettes being shown in the group… All made from the same pattern! So I’m offering some variety in the blanket planning phase to incorporate some of that fun. All you have to do to plan your blanket is choose your layout, yarn, and color palette.


In the pattern PDF, you will find three pages dedicated to the five layout options.

  • Layout 1 – Original Layout / Small (36x45in)
  • Layout 2 – Striped Corner Omitted / Small (36x40in)
  • Layout 3 – Resized Original Layout / Large (70x94in)
  • Layout 4 – Resized Striped Corner Omitted / Large (70x94in)
  • Layout 5 – Choose your own adventure! (Guidance given)

I’m literally on the edge of my seat thinking of which layout folks will choose… Squeeee!

Yarn & color palette

I used Scheepjes Stone Washed and a size F hook for this blanket, and it took me 14 balls to make the small size. I blocked the blanket out to the finished size of 36x45in.

Dutch Rose Blanket Kit

Pre-order your kit for Layout 1 in my shop to make the same blanket you see in the photos – so snuggly and cozy!

Kit includes 14 balls of different color Stone Washed Yarn – enough for the 36x45in Blanket that is shown in the photos (see color list below), and a small surprise from me 😊❤️. Kit will arrive to your home before February 12 official start date.

Free shipping! Kit is available for US customers only at this time due to shipping and customs costs.

  • 36x45in Blanket (in the photos) = 1 kit
  • 50x65in Blanket = 2 kits
  • 70x94in Blanket = 4 kits

Click this button to pre-order! SOLD OUT


Outside the US? Order yarn from one of these sites to choose your own palette or to accommodate your blanket size.

Figure out how much yarn you will need (approximately):

  • Stone Washed
    • You will need 14 balls of Stone Washed for every 1620 square inches of blanket. So, first choose your layout, and if your planned blanket is 48x56in, then you will need to make calculations as follows:
      • 48 times 56 = 2688 square inches
      • 2688 divided by 1620 = 1.7
      • 14 balls of Stone Washed times 1.7 = about 24
      • You’ll need about 24 balls of Stone Washed for a blanket of 48x56in.
  • Other yarn
    • You will need 1820 meters of sport weight yarn for every 1620 square inches of blanket. So, if your blanket is 48x56in, then you will need to make calculations as follows:
      • 48 times 56 = 2688 square inches
      • 2688 divided by 1620 = 1.7
      • 1820 meters of sport weight yarn times 1.7 = 3094
      • You’ll need 3094 meters of sport weight yarn for a blanket of 48x56in.
  • Wing it!
    • Choose any yarn in any weight and your favorite hook. Dive in! 🙂

Here are the 14 colors of Stone Washed I used

  • Yarn A: 804
  • Yarn B: 814
  • Yarn C: 810
  • Yarn D: 832
  • Yarn E: 830
  • Yarn F: 831
  • Yarn G: 812
  • Yarn H: 809
  • Yarn I: 829
  • Yarn J: 815
  • Yarn K: 818
  • Yarn L: 819
  • Yarn M: 813
  • Yarn N: 803